Hi! Thanks for visiting! I live with my beautiful soul mate in Prescott, Arizona.
Inspired by the west and being at a great time in my life, I am happy to announce the release of my debut album,
' Wren Brandt'. I do hope you enjoy the musical reflections of my life, heart and soul found within these songs.
I am interested in marketing the songs of this album in additon to other material I have written. Thanks for dropping in, have fun, and do get in touch!! Musically yours ! ~~~ Wren Brandt

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Wren Brandt is a singer songwriter out of Prescott, Arizona. After an absence from the" biz," he has returned full on with a released of his self titled album last fall in 2007. His songwriting and style is very diverse and original. Wren is looking to market his songwriting abilities and original music.. His tunes are available at Broadjam downloads for 99 cents.

Bit - O - My Story

For my 13th birthday, my folks ordered me a flat top acoustic guitar from the Spiegel Catalog. On the top was a painted scene of cowboys sitting around a campfire playing guitars and singing songs. That was it for me! From then on I began to write and play music, and continued to do so throughout high school, college, and beyond.

My greatest desire is to share the music I have created with the world as a lasting legacy to the time I have spent here on earth. Until now I have played with bands, performed as a solo,did jingles, stage work, etc. Now I wish to capture my original material on CD and sell / license the work as well.

My music is universal in tne realm that they are songs from my own life ,composed of stories we all have lived through. It is truly music from the heart. Thanks for being here and do feel free to get in touch.

With love and kindness,
Wren Brandt


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