It all started when Hypnotist's brother bought a turntable and mixer in 1994, when Hypnotist was 13. In 1996, he formed a group called Hypnotik, in Norwalk, CT. "Music is hypnotik itself," says Hypnotist, "and when the right mood is conveyed, it puts the listener in a trance." Hypnotik was successful from 96 to 01, until it eventually dissolved when Hypnotist went to school.

In 2001 he moved to Boston to get his degree in audio production. In his small town, he was known as "that kid with the studio", but being in Boston with tons of kids with studios made him strive harder to stand out among the rest. He broadened his horizons by analyzing all genres of music, without limiting himself to strictly hip hop.

In June of 2004, Hypnotist got hired at a world class recording studio in NYC as an assistant engineer. There, he got to work with major artists, and learned much more about recording, as he had access to 3 SSL consoles and tons of recording equipment.
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