Eyes Wide Open

Story Behind The Song

Hypnotist went to jail, wrongfully convicted in 2002, and this occurance inspired some ideas of the song.

Song Description

Hypnotist has seen things that aren't what they appear to be, and creates a basic story line that portrays this shade that is over our eyes.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - East Coast
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Diplomatic Subject See, Vision, Eyes, Justice
Similar Artists Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z Language English
Era 2000 and later


The cool stay calm, hot ones sit in the shade
where the cops look, got shook, you sit in a cage
like you threw the ace of hearts and got hit wit a spade
doin six in the bricks throwin' fits in a rage
went to convict school to learn the tricks of the trade
how to cut all the corners; beat the system in ways
you never thought of, sort of like fishin' in lakes
don't swing the right hook, you got em hittin' the bait
make em look this way, now you piss in their face
got the judge hittin' the gavel, dismissin' ya case
now you out in broad daylight, switchin' a blade
or a glock mentality: spit or get sprayed
while the poor jinglin' change, the rich gettin' paid
you rentin' out tellies, hittin' a maid
food for thought: fishes and brain, makin' noise sayin' "this is insane"
til you break like dishes n' plates
it's the fast life, pick up the pace, drink the liquor and
chase girls, the world is a magnificent place
but it goes quick as a day, so live it and play, give it away
and remember: never listen to snakes
ask Eve: is it delicious to taste?
don't believe what comes out of Adam's apple: nonfiction or fake
that's the mission I make, to state that this is the key
I could be lyin' right now; dont even listen to me

Gotta keep ya eyes wide open
Gotta keep the weak ties broken
Gotta keep the lies unspoken...
But don't believe every piece of news son
Cuz the world could be one big illusion

Can't let the days turn to years
Can't let the tears make you fear
Can't let you close up your ears...
But don't believe every thing you listen to
Cuz the whole damn world could be trickin' you

I knew a fella from back in the day sellin' the crack
got outta jail from a 2 to 5 felony rap
and met a woman with a body, was intelligent had
a hell of a pad, cooked food that always smelled so...
appetizin' wasn't the word, but well, gettin' back
to the story- I could see he never yelled at her mad
when they argued she's tellin' him this, tellin' him that
she told him that she loved him and he's tellin' it back
now he works all day, ends up shellin' out gas money
he asks honey to give him details from her past
she ignores him, and goes on with elegant tact
like it's part of some show with an elephant act
one day he finds out some relevant facts
that she was out in Connecticut, sellin' her ass
now he sees he fell in a trap where no luck exists
his lesson: watch who you fuckin' wit


Lyrics Hypnotist Music Hypnotist, Macadoshiz
Producer Hypnotist Performance Hypnotist
Label Hypnotik Studio Productions
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