Gil Amran is a 28-year old musician from Israel. Gil has created original material in his home studio for the last 10 years. His music style is based on ambiance, loaded with emotion…

The Music:
Gil's music will give you the feelings of relaxation and madness all together...
Each track is characterized by a melodic sound that is warped by a warm beat. The atmosphere will sometimes remind you of a science-fiction sound track… and sometimes a pop song…

All the tracks were made with a capful thought to give the listener a full rhythmical and melodic ambiance... This can be felt in the mix.

Bjork, Moby, Tricky, Shpongle, Massive Attack, Portishead, and... Enya…

Contact Information:
Address: 20 Ort Street, Apt. 46, Ashkelon, Israel.
Phone: +972-54-6434330

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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