Shane is a versatile musician with talents extending across the musical spectrum including but not limited to songwriting, guitar, piano, and vocals.

His current projects include:

NeoDelSol (Shane Solo):
Shane’s solo projects range from Alternative Country to Folk to Soundtracks. Shane does all the songwriting and plays all the instruments in these recordings.

Collaborations with Aimee Beauchemin:
Aimee and Shane work together as songwriters and arrangers. Most of these collaborations feature Shane on acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies.

The True Bugs:
The True Bugs are an indie rock band from Seattle, WA. As ‘Master of the Keys’, Shane shows us his beautifully artistic touch at the keyboard. Not only does he fill in the space between the guitars and bass giving the music a full sound, his melodic parts are crucial to the vibrancy of the songs.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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