Combining a rock and power pop style of music, EXIT 29 has captured the old school guitar licks style with vocal hooks and harmonies that stimulate the imagination.

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EXIT 29 is a four-piece band with a twist. The band has taken the unique approach of having two lead singers. Jason Scott on lead guitar, and Chris Leland on bass. Armed with the powerful energy of drummer Eddie Bast, EXIT 29 was formed. The three began to write their own songs and found creating music together to be effortless. So easy, in fact, that they realized they had too much material and weren’t sure which tracks to include on their Debut album. By January 2005, EXIT 29 was in the studio recording their first album together as a band. “The Story So Far” was nurtured through their passion for songwriting and by drawing on their own life experiences. The project has since evolved into a full-band setting with the addition of keyboardist Gary Smith adding old school effects and additional harmonies. EXIT 29’s songs feature crafty vocal harmonies, catchy lead guitar licks, vintage keyboard sounds, inquisitively off-beat lyrics and a strong, thumping rhythm section to keep the music flowing. Their debut album “The Story So Far” will be released in the summer of 2006 with much anticipation and is receiving an excellent response from fans. Sampling elements of pop and rock, this album has 11 diverse tracks that offer a little something for everyone. After listening to The Story So Far, you are sure to get lost in the bands memorable, classic power pop melodies, angelic harmonies and plenty of flavorful guitar licks.


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