Nikolas Metaxas is 21 years old. He was born in New York, but was raised in the small European island of Cyprus. His musical talent showed from an early age when he started starring in various musicals. During his 19 years, Nikolas starred in more than 8 musicals including Oliver, Wizard of Oz, Cabaret and others. He has been taking guitar, piano and voice lessons for several years now. His performing and songwriting talent has shown from an early age since he has been composing and performing his own songs since the age of 12. He has won the National Lions songwriting competition and has released a single with the winning song via the biggest record label in Cyprus.He has also won several national singing awards. Nikolas has an exceptional talent and is positive that if discovered, he can contribute to music as much as music gave to him.

Latest News

--Nikolas Metaxas earned 2nd and 5th place with his two songs 'Butterfly' and 'I Can't Be'.
--New cd single by Nikolas Metaxas called Lonely.
--Releasing the two finalist songs on cd next month!
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