I grew up in a very musical house. My father played guitar, brother piano, sisters played flute and piano. I studied violin in elementary school, but found the harsh sound of the violin unbearable.
Later when my cousin was visiting for the summer with his folk guitar (I had already been taking lessons on my dad's nylon string), I fell in love with popular music. I continued to study guitar, focusing on clasical and folk guitar during the 80's at which time I began writing songs of a personal nature.
I Later became self taught on bass, piano and drums.
Wanting to take my music to an audience, I began gigging as a solo artist in college in Buffalo, NY perfrorming originals and well known classic rock covers. In the summer of '90, I teamed up with my brother, Ari on piano who had been writing songs too, and played gigs in NYC and Washington DC as "The Water's Edge" performing twice monthly at nite club Dylans in Georgetown.
We moved to San Francisco to seek a better music sce
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