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well I'm on the road I got a gig to do
about a hundred miles away
and who's to say how long I"ll stay
cause when it's over I'll say it was just another day

just gimme the chance to make the audience dance
and set their souls on fire with my burning desire
cause with my crazed out stance and my spaced out romance
you know I play to make the people higher

well it's a long way to Cincinatti
But I think I'll take my time though
cause I ain't in no rush at all
I'll just sit back and listen to the radio

well some people say it's a man's instinct that drives him
but I'm gonna have to disagree
It's the hot blood fuel runnin thru his tubes
that gives him the strength to see

well now my fingers are bleedin and my ears are needin
to hear that stingin guitar
and when the notes rip out of my f-hole spout
you know I'll be goin far.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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