Singer/songwriter Cheri Magill is a confident twenty-first century woman with a distinctive sound and thoughtful lyrics. She was named Utah's 2005 "Best of State" vocalist. She has toured all over the United States.

Cheri is currently recording her third album, "Chasing Yesterday," which will be released in March 2007. For more information, visit

Singer/songwriter Cheri Magill

Singer/songwriter Cheri Magill is a confident, twenty-first century woman who writes about the people, circumstances, and world around her. Her pop/rock music is honest and energetic. Cheri cites influences such as Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan.

Cheri has performed all over Utah, as well as Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. She has made several TV appearances and was recently selected by Donny Osmond to make a special TV appearance with him. Cheri was also honored as Utah’s 2005 “Best of State” vocalist.

Because helping others is a strong motivation for her, Cheri has created a free program called “Make the Music” which is designed to enrich the music department in public schools. Through this program she visits middle schools, teaching and helping the students write their own songs.

City Weekly Review

Somewhere between the serene estro-pop of Sarah McLachlan, the angsty girl-woman guitar-rock of Michelle Branch and the hushed playfulness of the country diva of your choice (Shania, Faith, et al), Cheri Magill radiates the kind of natural warmth and personal connectivity some of the above have paid handlers millions for. Thanks to Ready’s glossy-crisp production (by Silvercrush’s Steele Croswhite) wed to Magill’s dulcet voice, smart lyrics and sure footings in rock and balladry, the only element that seems to be missing is a major-label logo on the back. Give her time, and handlers. - Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly


ArchLord II
over 30 days ago to Cheri Magill

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over 30 days ago to Cheri Magill

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