The Call

Song Length 3:00 Genre Folk - Contemporary


I got a call from my old man this morning
He asked me how things were going with me
But I heard something sad in his voice and I figured
For the moment I'd just let it be

I lied and told him everything was fine
Got a job, fixed the car and we've been having sunshine
He said that was great that I had my feet on the ground
But I still heard in his voice that sad distant sound

I told him I was gonna stay up here for the summer
to be with some friends and work with the band
But he didn't seem thrilled and I said "Dad, what's wrong?
You know maybe I can lend a hand.

He said "I was hoping you could come down here for the summer
and maybe stay with me here at home
Cause your mother she's going out west to her brother
For I don't know how long but she's leaving me all alone"

I always knew somewhere in my mind
but hoped and prayed that it wouldn't come true
That these things I was hearing right now over the phone
would never ever ever happen to you

And I thought things were getting better at home
What about the trip you just took together
I guess I must have been mistakenly wrong
But I know now that nothing is bound forever.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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