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Based on its title, his newest disc, "B Sides and Bums: 19 Songs of Questionable Character," is a collection of extra, stray tracks. But listening to songs including the soaring "Deja Vu Blues," I'd say that Gaunce's extras are better than many songwriters' A-list material.

Reviewer: Ninevolt Magazine

Before "Greeting Card" was over, I was already smitten. A tour-de-force of ceaselessly melodic folk-pop that would make the Band, the Wallflowers, and Wilco proud. William Harris

Reviewer: Roxanne Blanford
. . . songs such as Waiting On A Train & the indelible Crown Of Thorns simply cry out for repeated rotation due to simple, well crafted arrangements . . .

2014 Bill's collaboration with Wade Mosher on their cover of The Beatle's "Blackbird" was placed in the season finale of the CBS primetime drama "Unforgettable"

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Bill has numerous cues placed with Pacifica Music through Studio 51 Music. Pacifica Music is a joint venture between two major Hollywood music libraries; pigFACTORY, and Riptide Music, and enjoys a very diverse group of Film, and TV clients.

2014 Bill's collaboration with Wade Mosher on their cover of The Beatle's "Blackbird" was placed in the season finale of the CBS primetime drama "Unforgettable"


Kicking around the live music scene since the late sixties, Bill has experienced more than his share of cheap road-gig hotels, shady booking agents, sleazy bars, and major label deals gone up in smoke. 2001 saw the release of The Stationary Poets critically acclaimed self titled cd which contained 11 tracks co-written with long time band-mate Robin Miller.

A collaboration with Wade Mosher for a cover of the Beatle's "Blackbird" was placed in the season finale of the hit CBS drama "Unforgettable".

Other collaborations with Wade Mosher have resulted in CD releases by Sean Burns and Shawn Barker.

Recent television placements include;

Let's Make A Deal (8)
The Young And The Restless (2)
Access Hollywood (12)
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (3)
Wives With Knives (2)
America Now (CNBC) (2)
Bad Girls Club (1)
Bad Ink (2)
Clean House Comes Clean (1)
Eat Drink Italy (2)
Family Beef (1)
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (3)
How Booze Built America (1)
Keeping Up With The Kardashians (1)
Ludo Bites (1)
My First Home (1)
Science Of The Movies (1)
Toddlers And Tiaras (2)

To date Bill has signed over 63 songs and music tracks to various publishers and libraries.


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allison bolton
2 weeks ago to Bill Gaunce

thank you for your review on world full of lies!.

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Bill Gaunce

Hey brother if you ever stop here? You're still my hero! You're old as crap but still kickin ass and taking names! Glad I "met" you years back now.. hell you're borderline brilliant-wait that's me! You've crossed that line!

Bob Juch
over 30 days ago to Bill Gaunce

I wrote an answer to "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" It's here: Juch/i-might-love-you-tomorrow

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