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Unique - Soundtracks | Central, Arizona, United States
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barbra1012 posted over 30 days ago to Brian Mathew Taylor

Unfortunately, this multi-talented artist passed away 7/19/19

RICARDO ALONSO posted over 30 days ago to Brian Mathew Taylor

Hello Brian,c thanks a lot for your review and commnets of my song "It Was Yesterday", glad you enjoyed it.

Brian Mathew Taylor posted over 30 days ago

Absolutely Ricardo. Wonderfully dynamic piece.

I too had a song recently reviewed by
Good Advice and wondered how the piece was listened (on board computer speakers??)
Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Brian Mathew Taylor posted over 30 days ago to Top Dead Center

Thanks for the review on my song "My Darkest Hour". Sorry you didn't like my vocals, but I'm all I got.

Brian Mathew Taylor posted over 30 days ago to Good Advice

Hi, you just gave a laughable review on my song "My Darkest Hour" You might wanna update your equipment that you're listening to music on, because this song has won several awards has been professionally recorded, it has been played on several radio stations around the world and was also selected for a movie soundtrack. Also has held the #1 spots on the Broadjam Top 10 Earth, Rock, Hard Rock and Rock-Progressive. All with raving reviews. But there is always a sour apple in the bunch, so what ever, but of course you're entitle not your warped Thanks for the laugh!

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

I was surprised to hear your comment, so I went back and re-listened and re-read the review I gave you. Since yours was the very last review I did I remembered what I heard pretty well. After checking I can honestly say I do not know what happened, but I can say what I heard this morning was not the same as I heard yesterday morning. I am listening with the same equipment so I do not know if it is an equipment issue or if there was a playback issue because of broadjam or the internet.

I stand by what I said about it starting too abruptly and that the drums would benefit from more attention to them, and that I did not particularly like the ending, but I never viewed those things as glaring flaws to begin with. What I said about the lyrics doesn't hold up though. What I heard today and what I heard yesterday is not the same. I am not sure I can explain it, my equipment seems to be working fine. I can only think of two possibilities, either it was a playback issue with broadjam, or it was an internet connection issue with my neighborhood. While I live in the city, my little section of the city can get bombarded by internet traffic at times when everyone is on at the same time, and that can hurt and hamper the quality of my connection. Think everyone wanting to check their fantasy football team, every child wanting to play online gaming, and everyone else connected all at once bogging everyone down.

I really don't know what to tell you, I can only give you a review based on what I hear. All I know for sure is the sound quality this morning is certainly different then yesterday morning. I had been considering getting new headphones, but again, they seem to be in fine working order right now. I am sorry if you thought I was just some random guy being an asshole for no reason. I can only go by what I hear when I hear it. I can say that I liked the song much more now that I can hear the lyrics and would have given you better marks for sure.

I can tell you that I take complaints about a review very seriously and that you were right. What would you like me to do about? Does it matter that much to you for me to contact broadjam and tell them to take down the review because I clearly had some technical issue that biased the review? Let me know I'd be glad to do it.

Brian Mathew Taylor posted over 30 days ago

I appreciate that you went back and took another listen. Technical issues are always a possibility and no I dont want to go to broadjam to retract the review. I'm not worried about it making the charts again. It's an old song and it had its day in the sun. I respect people's opinions and the fact that you took more time to hear it, is a great picture of your integrity. That's more than most people will do. So thank you!

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

Well I am glad there are no hard feelings, and the frustration you expressed in your original comment was more then understandable so don't sweat it at all. I am going to go out and get new headphones, probably do it today now because of you, so thank you. It could have been something as stupid as my jack not being all the way seated, but I don't want to take that chance. Especially since I am working on a song (my first in ten years) and I would hate to get the mix wrong cause my phones might have an issue. I originally only wanted to replace them cause the foam was a little wore out and my ears are sensitive to the touch because I was a high school wrestler.

As for taking the time to go back and re-listen to your song, I do that for anyone who complains. The way I see it if I am going to do reviews then I should be more then willing to double check my work if they disagree. This was a first for me, you weren't complaining because you were delusional or hypersensitive, you had a legit gripe. I'm glad it all worked out in the end, and I'll try to make a point of going and checking out some of your new work since you said this was an old song anyone. Have a great one!

The Noted posted over 30 days ago to Brian Mathew Taylor

Brian, thanks so very much for the outstanding review of "Don't Tell Me No" we had a lot of fun envisioning what it must be like to be inside the head of a U.S. President with basically unlimited personal power. So glad you dug it. thanks - dw

Billy Pilgrim posted over 30 days ago to Brian Mathew Taylor

Hi Brian,
Just passing through some of your fine tunes... great works all around. I enjoyed the heck outta what I've heard so far. Great production, performance, writing... I can't wait to hear more bud.

Take good care Brian,

barbra1012 posted over 30 days ago

Sorry to say Brian passed away 7/19/19

Brian Mathew Taylor posted over 30 days ago to Vi: 00110110

N.Jones, you are not the music mogul you think you are. You longwinded criticism of my music does nothing more than maybe make yourself feel superior. When all I see is a poor insecure little boy trying to compose like the big boys. Thanks for the laugh!

Vi: 00110110 posted over 30 days ago

I'm sorry you feel that way. Regardless of how you feel, I assure you, I don't do these reviews to make myself feel big.

People who want to feel bigger than they are sling negative comments of a condescending nature in public.

I thank you for your thoughts, and wish you nothing but success while moving forward, the review was honest and provided information you can chose to consider or get mad about.

Have a great day.


RICARDO ALONSO posted over 30 days ago to Brian Mathew Taylor

Hi Brian, thanks for your review of my song "Subterranean Surfaces" and your commIents, yes, I guess you guessed who I am, we havec reviewed our songs for years and it is great to listen that there is a retro 80 synth feeling csince many of my songs have it. And yes, my equipment is "old" and few chances of renewing it since us dollar have climbed a lot in reference to mexican peso. so...
but besides that, once again, thanks a lot


Thank you for your review on my song "Heartbeat of the Mind." if you list closely it is a piano quartet. That is the answer to the variation in the recording that you spoke of. It was done of 4 separate stereo channels. The listener can then hear the position of each piano.
Thanks again~ Brian

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