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SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to Kenneth LaVone

Wow, do I feel like a fool, LOL. Seems I didn't realise that I read my own comment when I googled Teresa and was led to your page. LOL again. I have made full circle and corresponded with myself online. Sorry, This is still funny to me. Anyway, I am still glad to remain intouch with you. I have enjoyed your music here on Broadjam, and hope we remain in touch. Talk about being caught in a warp in cyberspace.

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to Kenneth LaVone

Hello Kenneth, I was searching randomly for information on a dear friend, and teacher of mine Teresa Garbulinska, and I was led to your page. Interestingly, we have corresponded with one another before. I just wanted to say hello, and keep in touch. Please let me know what you know of Teresa, she is a dear friend and it is such a rare moment to find others who know of her. Thanks, John

Kenneth LaVone posted over 30 days ago

In the word of Donovan:
Little pebble upon the sand
Now you're lying here in my hand,
How many years have you been here ?
Little human upon the sand
>From where I'm lying here in your hand,
You to me are but a passing breeze.
The sun will always shine where you stand
Depending in which land
You may find yourself.
Now you have my blessing, go your way.
Happiness runs in a circular motion
Thought is like a little boat upon the sea.
Everybody is a part of everything anyway,
You can have everything if you let yourself be.
Happiness runs, happiness runs.
Happiness runs in a circular motion

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to Benjamin Stone

Benjamin, Thanks for your very nice review of my piece, I Try To Remember This Place. Makes my day when I get such a good score. Take care. John

Benjamin Stone posted over 30 days ago

You're welcome John, Your composition was excellent. Happy holidays!

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago

Thanks, Happy Holidays to you as well.

Cherri Wilson-Thornton posted over 30 days ago

I like your song ... it has a dark melodic feeling to it.

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to Greg Gibb

Hey Vitamine G, Thanks so much for your complimentary review of my piece A Few Steps Taken. Adds a good feeling to this cold day. Take care, look forward to giving your music a listen when I get a chance.

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to Renfru Zetts

Thank you Renfru, for your review of my piece Dark Corners for Prepared Piano. It is really a good feeling when someone gets this sort of thing. We are surrounded be wonderful sounds all the time. We just have to look outside the conventional context to hear the music of the natural world sometimes. Thank you so much. Looking forward to giving your work a listen. Take care,

Renfru Zetts posted over 30 days ago to SPACESONGS

John.........."Dark Corners for Prepared Piano" just kinda blew my mind!!! What little I have left.
I love it.
I've listened to some of your other pieces and I'm impressed with your creativity.

Good luck...................R.Z.

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to Robert Adams

Hello Robert, Thanks for your review of Cosmogenesis. Each time it gets reviewed, I can look at a different layer of the piece. I made this using very old techniques, on very old instruments, and not much to produce music with. I played live off of delays mostly with this, and had an old Moog running an lfo with filter, which does run through the piece a bit too long. I played this piece live mostly playing repetitive sequence patterns on keyboard, without a proper sequencer, I switched between delays which would get out of sync sometimes, but worked well playing live. I also used an old Casio SK1 processed through ring modulator for part of the layering. Primitive, but all I had at the time. Maybe this piece has run its course, seen better days. Anyway, thanks for honest review.

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to Enzo De Rosa -NeoKlassic

Hello Enzo, Thanks for your review of my short piano piece "Trudi", I composed this piece when I was quite young, but it is dear to my heart, so I upload to Broadjam. I appreciate very much your opinion of my music though, as I admire your music very much. You accomplish very much, and deserve highest esteem. All the best, John Rose

Vi: 00110110 posted over 30 days ago to SPACESONGS

A fellow sound designer... Good to know you're on BJ.

More importantly... Glad I'm not the only artist that takes his sound design seriously.


SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago

Yes, I love when I hear something new. I so often hear the same old sounds just with a different song.

Vi: 00110110 posted over 30 days ago

I actually have a sound design album you may enjoy...

Gatekeeper to hell had a really cool timbre lineup and Nothing But Time did some really cool synth effects too.

Hope you check it all out.

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter posted over 30 days ago

I bent an ear to "Geometric Dreams" and enjoyed it. More importantly, Protilius has got someone to play with now!

Vi: 00110110 posted over 30 days ago


SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago to sankey

Hello Sankey, Thanks for reviewing another one of my pieces, Geometric Dreams..., Although I don't necessarily agree with all of your opinions regarding this piece, I do see some of where you are coming from, and I appreciate your honesty. I do see where this piece doesn't go far as a composition, and I must admit, not too much time was put into it as a composition, but rather to demo the sound of this particular synth. Because I often work as a sound designer, more attention gets paid to the timbre, and texture of something, than it does traditional composition. When I focus on both elements, the music ends up more complete. I have been away from music for awhile until a couple of months ago, and was in production, so I am a bit rusty. Thanks to getting feedback, I am making headway again.

sankey posted over 30 days ago

sound design is the new frontier ....all the permutations of melody making in the accepted pop genre scales have been done and done's all about sound now...wish bj had a sound design review category....have a nice end of the weekend....little chilly out here in northern ca.

SPACESONGS posted over 30 days ago

Thanks, you too. A little chilly here in Kentucky as well.

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