Classical music is my first love, but I can get lost in all good music. I was trained as a classical pianist and have a Master's Degree in Instrument Music from Arizona State University where I studied piano with Arnold Bullock and composition with Ronald LoPresti. I also studied with Jared Spears who is now the Composer in Residence with the St. Louis Wind Ensemble (part of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra). I also spent the summer studying with Gary Nelson at Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

I have been away from music for many years. Now I strive to unhinge unused and atrophied musical skills. In this quest I enjoin all here to help advise and instruct in this odyssey for musical fulfillment as I desire to be a friend of your hopes and musical desires.

Kenneth LaVone

Ken was born in Jonesboro, AR. but grew up in a small Missouri community. He attended Arkansas State University and had composition lessons with Jared Spears who was an accomplished band composer. He also studied piano with Myron Myers who was a pupil of Autur Schnabel.

After leaving Arkansas he attended Arizona State University and completed a Master's Degree in Instrumental Music. Since then he has been teaching technology and composing a blend of pure classical and electonic music since the 1980's.

He now spends his time with his wife between Yuma, Arizona and Black Hawk, Colorado.

He is working on a full length orchestral score called Alice in Wonderland: Symphonic Suite. The work is over 30 minutes long and employs a large convertional orchestra and electronic effects. A lot of his music blends electronic elements such as ambiant and trance styles and fuses them with more traditional classical elements giving the music a sophisticated air.

A List of Selected Electronic Works

1 Colours of the Mythical Beast I
2 Colours of the Mythical Beast II
3 Convolution of Times
4 Future Dreams
5 Legend of the Manticore
6 Oberlin Suite
7 Fever Pitch
8 Project Cyborg (Electronic Ballet)
9 Passacaglia
10 Evolution
11 Coco-Latte
12 Coco-Mocha
13 Personification of a Diety
14 Moonraker's Serenade
15 Asia
16 Nothing in Between

A Selected List of Classical Music

1 Suite for Strings, Flute, Oboe and Choir
2 Toccata for Piano
3 Organesque
4 Trance Work
5 Voyages of Sinbad
6 Symphony No. 1
7 Quest of the Golden Warrior Series
A. The Arrival
B. Quest of the Golden Warrior I
C. Quest of the Golden Warrior II
D. Quest of the Golden Warrior III
E. Quest of the Golden Warrior IV
8 Four Winds Concerto (for Three Pianos and Orchestra)
9 Dialogs for Flute and Basson (Unfinished)
10 Improvisation for Piano
11 Alice in Wonderland: Symhonic Suite
12 The Aegean Suite
13 America Series
A. Plains of the Midwest
B. American Landscape
C. Arivaca
14 Elephant Dance
15 Flight of the Sandhill Cranes
16 Endless Voyage

A Selected List of Hybrid CDs

1 Music Written in the Month of May, 2007
2 Breathless


Ken is a classically trained pianist. He has studied with a pupil of Artur Schnabel and attended Master Classes with Claude Frank. He studied composition with Ronald LoPresti and received a Master's Degree in Instrumental Music from Arizona State University. He has also studied with Gary Lee Nelson at Oberlin Conservatory of Music at Electronic Workshops.

All Ken's music is fused with classical elements. Even his Electronica styled compositions are based on classical models. He has just finished a 30 minute symphonic score called 'Alice in Wonderland: Symphonic Suite'.


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Your music is so lovely and intricate and I don't have words for how it makes me feel. Thank you for it. It is an honor to have received a favorable review from you for my simple "Last of the Wine."

David Michael Walsh
over 30 days ago to Kenneth LaVone

Kenneth, Thank you for review of my song "Conversation with Time" from my acoustic solo piano CD "Castle of Dreams". The song was actually recorded using a Kawia Grand piano in a recording studio in Upper Darby PA. Cheeks Studios.

Hello Kenneth,

I was preparing to send you the polite and perfunctory thank you message for your kind review of "Space In Time". However before I got to that I went on your page and listened to a few of your works.

Oh my. You are a serious talent. I especially enjoyed Clarinet Quintet and House on Gable Island. Your compositions are on par with one of my favorite composers, Leonard Bernstein.

Let me just say that when a composer of your caliber says that something I wrote is good, well then...... okay.

Thank you for the stunning review I'm flattered that you enjoyed it. ............. kenney

2 Replies
Kenneth LaVone
over 30 days ago

Ok, well, wow! Thank YOU. The world lost a great talent when he died. The 'MASS' is on of my 10 works to take to a desert island pieces. Is that a Picasso on your wall?

Yes, that's "The Old Guitarist" from Picasso's Blue Period

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