Guitar instrumentalist; fluent in rock, blues, electronic and other styles

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Tommy Stewart
over 30 days ago to Robert Adams

Hey Robert, I haven't been around Broadjam much for a while. I don't see much new music from you. Relly loved your tuners, are you still playing and recording? would love to hear more.


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Robert Adams
over 30 days ago

Hey Tommy -- I've been very busy with some other art and business, but just starting to get my chops back and do some serious re-entry. And I miss some of the great players and songwriters here -- Like you. Still have your AC30?

Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
over 30 days ago to Robert Adams

NOW AVAILABLE 6/2017: MY LATEST CD COLLECTION OF SONGS CALLED; "ANOTHER SHOT OF LUCK". Please check it out here, or on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, You Tube, Pandora and other sites. Have a five new recordings on it as well as some previously released songs I have recorded. Always appreciate you checking them out and leaving me some comments...
thx - Cheers, MSL

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Robert Adams

Robert, Thanks for the Montrealler! Brings back the memories of a wild ride, especially when we derailed. Keep it Rolling! - N

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