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Good Advice posted over 30 days ago to Sam Cooper

Hi Sam, Can I make a suggestion to you about something? You have 205 songs, and I am just some random guy who happened upon your home page here. You clearly have talent and know what you are doing based on what I heard. But you can't expect someone who comes across your page to listen to 205 songs hoping to accidentally find your best work. Maybe make a playlist of what you consider your best 5 or ten songs and make a note in your profile intro that it is there. You probably have songs that I would want to put in one of my playlists, but even if your songs were only 3 minutes, that would be ten hours of music I would have to go through to find them. You can't expect that kind of commitment from some random stranger. Please consider doing something to help people like me out. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sam Cooper posted over 30 days ago

Thanks. Yours is actually the first comment I've received in over 14 years on Broadjam that truly is constructive and makes any sense! Actually, that's why I put some of my songs into collections as four albums. I intend to do that more as time goes by, but mentioning them in my in my profile would be helpful to others like you who might stumble on my site, for sure.

Most of what I'm doing at this point is not for any career move, but rather just for the pure need and love to create music anyway. Pretty much everything on my site was done in my home studio, me playing most of the instruments and singing a good chunk of the vocals and/or backup vocals (not credited to other singers in the titles). I'm retired and done chasing that brass ring in the music industry, so I've decided, as a consequence, to write and record what I want, any way I want, without restrictions and/or dumbing it down. I now do that seven days a week and post when I think it might be worth putting it out there.

The "experts" here in Nashville are what made me come to that decision, LOL, even though they don't know or care about it. Luckily, my legacy is not for them to control, haha! I realize that this might sound egotistical, but I've been listening to and making music for well almost six decades, most of that time, professionally, and I've learned to accept what appeals to me artistically, no matter the genre, first and foremost as long as I don't need the money. That may be why I don't have an outside publisher, agent or manager--I'm not here to make them money so they're not here to hear or push my music. I'm happy, but they say "Never say 'never'.", so I'm open to the probably remote possibilities.

Here's hoping you either check out some of the albums I've already compiled or you'll have time to occasionally just "play all" from any starting point on my alphabetical song list and just turn it up and enjoy some of the contrasts if and when you have the time.

Again, thanks for the great comment! Yours is, indeed, GOOD ADVICE.


Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat posted over 30 days ago

what a nice exchange!

StarburstRecords posted over 30 days ago to Good Advice

Thanks so much for your playlist add of "Tell Me What You Bring". Jay

Saebella posted over 30 days ago to Good Advice

I love your art! Thank you for reaching out and I am so glad that you find some of my art (music) appealing as well. =] Much love and support!

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

Thanks, its all old stuff, but I figured this was a good place for it. Don't do enough art anymore since I spend so much time on my scientific work. Like what you have going on, if you ever need an opinion or help with anything feel free to reach out.

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago to GREENFLASH

I don't get it? Why are you r songs just 1 minute samplings of you performing? If you are worried about copyright infringement don't make the songs available for sale or buy the sheet music or contact someone here at the site and ask for advice. Not sure what you are hoping for with the one minute samples.

Teri Feaser posted over 30 days ago to Good Advice

Thank you for the five star rating and adding I hate to hear my baby's cry to your song list I'm honored!

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

and once again I had no idea it was you, so you know its an honest review. Do you ever record anything the same way twice? lol

Teri Feaser posted over 30 days ago

It depends on the genre and even then I don't always sing it the same way twice!

Hart Brothers posted over 30 days ago to Good Advice

Thank you for using our song"Lowdown Heartbroke Blues"in your playlist. Welcome to the club!

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

I liked the song. I really would like trying to remix that for you. I think it could sound so much better.

Hart Brothers posted over 30 days ago

please do would love to hear it thanks Buddy

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

Well, do you still have the individual tracks that you can send me as .wav files? That is what I would need to work on it. I could give you an email address to send the files too. but if it is just one file of the finished track it would not let me have the flexibility to do what needs to be done so there would not be much point unless you have the tracks.

Hart Brothers posted over 30 days ago

Ill see what l do

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago to Michael McDonald

are you aware that you posted the same song twice by accident? delete one or you won't get a fair rating of the song.

Michael McDonald posted over 30 days ago

Thanks. Wasn't aware. Corrected situation.

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago to Tiyami Management

I just wanted to compliment you on the 6 pack of songs you posted. While I thought "My therapist says its your fault" and "rain on my parade" were the cream of the crop, they were all well performed and recorded. It really showed that you took the time and made the effort to dot all your i's and cross all your t's to make them the best you could. More people should make that kind of effort to put their best foot forward with each song they post on here. Please keep up the good work and do not fall into the trap here that so many do where they sacrifice quality just so the can say that have 200 songs posted. Quality wins over quantity every time on this site. Please don't ever forget that. Great job.

Tiyami Management posted over 30 days ago

Thank you so much for the compliment, we really appreciate it. We are glad you like our music and this hearing this makes it all worth it. Thank you again and you can like us on Facebook: dour/ and you can listen to us on Spotify:)

Teri Feaser posted over 30 days ago to Good Advice

Thanks for your reviews of Samhain & Cheers.
Samhain was listed as ambient because I honestly don' know what genre it is! It was written with Acoustic Guitar; my late husbands' work. The sound effects are all me with my Ensonique TS12. I wanted to 'catch' the sound of the two souls re-connecting. I'd be happy to do an acoustic version, you game?
Now for "Cheers". It is a fun song but not one of the songs I've written that suits my voice! I'll work on it more, though. The sound you are referring to is a keyboard 'harmonica' & I'm not fond of it either, but I don't record the music, my co-writer does. After the holidays I'm sure we will find an alternative instrument. Happy Holidays! (I'm a Grinch, actually)

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

I could be convinced to mix something for you, but I do not play an instrument anymore, best I can do is add midi to something. That can pose some challenges when the recorded piece is done first since it can be tough to match tempos.

As far as making "Samhain and Cheers" goes, you probably have enough there to remix it as acoustic. Do you still have all the individual tracks or do you only have the final mix?

Teri Feaser posted over 30 days ago

All I have of Samhain is the backing track and I can't change it. I'll talk to Luciano my co-writer and see if he can't find a better sound for cheers after the holidays if not I happen to know a couple of banjo players or at least I know of their existence around here I wanted violin but that didn't work very well but a real harmonica would work too. Do you think it would sound better with a male vocal?

SPG~Man posted over 30 days ago to Good Advice

Oh. and you're accusing me of ripping someone off? Read the description the song. I have 3 versions of the song which is an original work. 'Promises' 'Promises2Funk Acoustic' what you just heard and 'Promises2Funk" full version with the guitar, piano, bass and keyboard & drums. Seriously, what kind of meds are you on?

Good Advice posted over 30 days ago

I did not accuse you of ripping someone off, I was pointing out that I had heard that song before and did not know what the deal was. Further how can I read the description of a song before I know what the song is? That is not how random reviews work and you know that.

In fairness to you I went back and looked at the two reviews I just did for you. The first being "a Spiritual Journey". I don't know what review you read but I complimented the composition. I said the problem was all the instruments had the same tone. I stand by that statement, I double down on that statement. That song desperately needs a greater range in tones.

Secondly "Promises2funk" I reread the review and stand by everything I said, most of which was I have heard this song before. Please give me advice on how I can give you great marks on originality if I have heard the song before and do not know whether it was your work I heard before or not? The biggest complaint I had with that song was I thought your guitar work was sloppy. I stand by that statement. You clearly can play the guitar. YOu can clearly play the guitar well. That was clearly not up to the standards you should set for yourself and I called you on it. Why? To make you better. I do not get any benefit from making you a better more careful musician who puts more effort into his recordings.

Further, grow up and act like an adult. Not everyone who listens to your music is going to tell you its the greatest thing they ever heard. Grow up. When someone reviews your music, they are not part of some sinister plan to destroy your dreams, they are offering constructive criticism based on what they hear. Whether you choose to learn from a review or not learn from a review is up to you, but to throw a temper tantrum at someone who you do not know because you can't handle it is counterproductive. You need a little thicker skin. To put it into perspective for you. There are 7 billion people on the planet. If 1 million of those people really like your music and choose to buy your music that is considered a benchmark of success. So before you predetermine what people should think about your music before they hear your music, you should keep those numbers in mind and readjust what your ego is telling you.

You have talent and I sincerely wish you all the best in your work, please use this as a learning experience.

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