I am a one man country band. I do not use pre-recorded music nor little "thingies" that you put in a midi and have the music play for you. I play four instruments at the same time and can produce almost the same sound as a 4-5 piece band. I am from the "old school" before there were sequencers and tracks. I have been a musician for over 50 years and love what I do. I could add some new tech equipment and sound better, but it would not be me..playing live music...the way I want it. I'm C.J. Miller.

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It's not Christmas yet, but I think if you listen to Christmas in town, you'll feel like it is, or at least remember how it was.
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C.J. Miller
3 weeks ago to C.J. Miller

well...Honky Tonkin' tonight is back in the top ten.. Ive submitted this song several times and nothing from the providers??

Enjoyed Honkytonkin! P.

over 30 days ago to C.J. Miller

Thank so much for you review and notes on B 10. Half A Life Ago ft. Leslie Sahlen. Very much appreciated. Jay

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C.J. Miller
over 30 days ago

Most welcome.
I enjoyed it.

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