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David Foster,Herbie Hancock,Joe Sample,Jeff Lorber


"Cefshah" is Seth Carrington, an independent electronic musician based in Delaware, U.S.A.

Cefshah has been featured in the Top 10 categories at, and the Jazz Top 40 at

Also available from Cefshah, is the CD "Mileage" (, which features several original Jazz and Pop tracks. New musical projects are presently being worked.


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jacolyn wadewade131272
over 30 days ago to Cefshah

My first choice is "Fresh Air Serenade" It build and billows like life or clouds floating by. "New Crusade" has a crescendo like trumpet sound. "City Shoes" is fun and the bass and drums are fresh.

Michael Hanson Cantwell
over 30 days ago to Cefshah

Love that Fresh Air Serenade 2006. Hello from fellow Delmarva resident in Salisbury, MD.

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Thank you!! I still play that one myself, to relax at times. :)

over 30 days ago to Cefshah

Really impressive happy song

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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