Cameron Smith has been a performing artist for many years, playing drums for 16 different bands in the southeastern US.

Heavily influenced by the British Invasion of the 60's and 70's, his writing style is what I can only describe as "In-Your-Face Rock & Roll", dripping wet with "Attitude, Power and Intensity".

Currently working on two rock music projects, the first is an album called "Instrumental Mindscapes". Although written for an instrumental label, it will also contain soundtracks for the TV and film markets. Three are featured here.

The second is a concept-based theme album called "Welcome To The Game" for the modern rock, blues/rock radio audience. This fully vocalized album tells compelling, and sometimes humorous tales about the games people play in the arenas of love, sex and money. Some of those are here too. Turn your Pop-Up Blocker off and enjoy the music.

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"Rock & Roll"!

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The CAMERON SMITH Interview with TV show host, REGINA WRENFIELD of the "Farbehind Network", Live at the Waterfront Park in Beautiful Beaufort, SC, June, 2009, broadcast in "HIGH DEFINITION" TV!!

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Cameron Smith


Cameron Smith was born and raised in Beaufort, SC. He grew up in a family of classically trained pianists. Although he listens to, and performs many styles of music, his roots are firmly planted in Rock & Roll.

He started piano lessons at age nine, but grew bored and quit after six months. A year later, the drum set caught his attention (and the neighbors too). He started out on a $20.00 Sears kit before graduating to a professional Pearl drum set, eventually settling down with a 5-piece professional Ludwig drum set.

With no formal training, by the age of 18, he was performing with the top bands and musicians in Beaufort County. They included Little Jesse, Joshua Foxx, Pegasus, Tight Squeeze, Snazzy Red, and The Jones', among the more prominent names.

In 1983, he relocated to Miami, FL, one of the recording capitals of the US. But he was disappointed to find few outlets for rock musicians to play. He told me "It was kind of like being in Hollywood where they make the movies, but with no movie theaters to watch them in".

So he entered the world of sales and management, which he had studied in college, while continuing to perform occasionally. But after many years, he grew disillusioned with that scene as well, and decided to try his hand at writing an original, "Theme-Based, Rock & Roll Album" based upon his experiences.

As the Millennium approached, it became more and more apparent to Cameron that location was not nearly as important as it used to be for a recording musician. With all the advances in the Internet, and the vast improvement and availability of studio recording gear, with enough talent, you can put it all together virtually anywhere on the globe.

Tired of living in a large city, 20 years after he left, he moved back home to Beaufort to complete his first album, and begin the second one.

Upon his return, he was recruited for another stint with the Joshua Foxx Band (it was originally formed in 1973, and continues to this day) while continuing to compose and record his album.

After leaving Joshua Foxx, he reunited with the Classic Rock band, Snazzy Red in 2006, a group uniquely suited for his dazzling style of "Power Drumming"!


Elvis, The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago, The Guess Who, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Yes, Johnny & Edgar Winter, Queen, Alice Cooper, Steely Dan, Carol King, Carly Simon, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Boston, Mother's Finest, REO Speedwagon, The Eagles, Styx, Heart, Frank Zappa, Rena Ragsdale, Women, Drugs, Alcohol, and many others.

And Cameron also told me, "There were some local "Stars" as well that were just as influential as the famous ones--Like Ron "Ruey" Ray on guitar, Bill "Slide Guitar" Luebke, and Greg "Monster Sticks" Gresham. Legend has it Greg ferociously pounded the drums with baseball bats!

"Ron and Bill (they were a really hot guitar combo) can both be seen on the 1982 Joshua Foxx photograph on the Photos Page. Bill is sitting on the far right (yes, that is me on the far left), and Ron, "The Bearded One", towering above everyone, in the upper middle. "Ron, have you gotten back to the IRS concerning your 82 tax return yet"???

I learned a lot from them. Thanks guys".


Cameron plays:

Vintage Roger's Drums, a beautiful, glossy Pearl White, 5-piece set, circa 1978, that can be seen on the Photo's page, for performing live and Studio Recording.

A 5-piece Remo "Legato" Drum set for rehearsal, some live performances (can be heard on the Elvis Tribute), and some Studio Recording.

Roland "TD-7" Electronic Drums for Studio Recording.

Roland's "Fantom" Keyboard Workstation for Studio Recording.

Cameron sings on:

Groovetubes "Amplified Tube Condenser Microphones" for Studio Recording.


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Hey Man!

Long time no hear!
We've got a whole bunch of new things!
How about you?

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Lou Lollio
over 30 days ago

Hi Cameron: I want to thank you for the great review on Film/TV Theme 192. Best always, Lou Lollio

Frank Farbehind
over 30 days ago to Cameron Smith

Hay Cameron, thanks for getting back to me.I was wondering what happen to you, I will send you the video file that I want your musics to in a few days.
Best Regards,

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