I'm 45, and have been a musician on various instruments over the past 40 years. I'm a "classic rock" fan, with influences all over the genre...Beatle fan first and foremost, also very into the improvisational style of the Dead. I'm primarily a guitarist, also keyboards (w/ a Kawai Concert Performer & a newly acquired refurbished Mellotron), as well as Sitar...list goes on.
There's a wide variety of eclectic styles I'll post here. Mostly instrumentals.
I've also recently had the pleasure of collaborating with fellow Broadjam artist Gwenevered, who's original lyrics have added a wonderful new dimension to these "sonic creations". She is a tremendous inspiration.
Except where noted "with Gwenevered" and for "Love Me Do (musical parody)", all music by Brad Schuman, copywrite 2005, 2006.
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Hi Brad,

Thank you for the very nice review of "In Natures Temple" Even as nice as it is, I agree that there's not much market potential for that kind of work. That's okay though. Some days I just feel like writing more introspective compositions without regard to marketability. I find that it's very therapeutic. By the way I read in your profile "Sitar and Mellotron". Well then, now I've gotta have a listen. Thanks again ........... kenney

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Brad Schuman
over 30 days ago

Hey, with this genre market potential is a non-issue! Therapeutic is right. It goes better in the alpha brainwave state than it does in the mainstream. : )

Ray Rivera
over 30 days ago to Brad Schuman

Hey Brad, Nice work on your composition! Keep up the great work and I'll be checking your music out!!

Thank-you for your kind and encouraging comments. Rock on

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