"Distinctive, Alternative-Folk-Rock, Christian"

An emerging artist who is paving the way into a brand new style of music and a dazzling surprise to your musical senses. Gwenevered delivers an original, complex and unconventional style. Fundamentally interwoven crystal tones and lyrics make her music innovative, expressive, passionate, gritty, honest, and palpable. Truly undefinable, Gwenevered is an artist that is truly her own.


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Sounds like: Vocally & Stylistically- somewhere between Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, Shania Twain and Amy Lee of Evanescence, with a hint of her classically trained side from time to time.

Influences/Similar Artists: Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, Ani Difranco, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole, Meredith Brooks, Jewel, Jennifer Trynin, Tori Amos, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Sarah Brightman, Sinead O'Connor, Tracy Bonham, Shakespeare's Sister.




An emerging artist who is still an amateur in learning :), Gwenevered records all songs in her home herself and considers music to be her fun, joy and passionate hobby. Still a little nervous about performing, as she is mainly a solo acoustic act, she paves the way into a brand new style of music bringing a distinctive surprise to your musical senses. This St. Louis artist sounds anything but, a Midwestern girl! Defying definition, her style brings a sweet, edgy, alternative feel to her music. The purity of her voice and crystal clear poignant lyrics sweep you into her deeply felt emotions. She is at her best when chronicling real life experiences and relationships.

Always willing to take a risk, Gwenevered entertains with a sharp entanglement of eclectic sounds. The honest gritty emotion is palpable as she touches the listener on several levels. Gwenevered is a timeless experience, and a journey into hidden emotions.

A classically trained musician, her music is a special art form woven from the daily textures of life. Her music reaches the human heart as she delivers soulful snapshots of moments in time. You never know where the next song will come from, but one thing is for sure, each song has its own distinct and unique personality!

What are fans saying?

"Finally, something different!"

"The lyrics really tell the story. I don't know what instrumentation you are using, but it is very innovative. I love the originality. Definitely has hook!"

"Original, evocative, exciting, probably too different for most, but imaginative musical energy."

"Woman - you ROCK! You have a most excellent sound and style."

"Excellent and stunning music. I love this"

"Not only am I impressed with your unique, dreamy and at times, haunting vocals and great melodies, but I am inspired to be a better artist because of the passion I hear in your work. Thank you for sharing your brilliance!!"

"Soulful, and on the edge. You either love her or you love her. This artist deserves our attention."

"I truly LOVE your voice, Gwenevered!!! You are truly talented and beautiful as well...thank you for sharing your voice with us!!!"

Very Special Thank Yous!

EXTREME special thanks, appreciation, gratitude & gratefulness to Mike King & Virginia Morgan for their inspirations, love, support & their poems. Also, EXTREME special thanks, appreciation, gratitude, & gratefulness to God-always in whom I trust everything, Mom, Morgen, Charlie, Lora, & all of my friends & family & to my awesome supporters & too cool fans! Thank you so much Mom & sista Morgen for putting up w/ me & listening to all my practicing & cds, over & over & over again, thru all of these years! You're the best! I love you both so much special ones!

Also, very special thanks to AJ Pardilla for use of his Eclipse picture on my Demo CD cover - ( Also, a huge thank you to Brad Schuman for his collaborations and support! Also, a special thank you to Joe Runnells for use of his song "Me & Joe's Song" written by Joe.

Lastly, I want to thank w/ much gratitude everyone who is & was involved w/ my music projects, endeavors, & motivations, all who have supported me, loved me, helped me, & inspired me all the way! I couldn't have done any of this w/out each & every one of you. Thank you infinity!

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