Electronic: Mellow, Ambient & Soundtrack Music.

Smooth and melodic are words that best describe the music of The Digital Divide.

I would like to be involved in scoring for soundtracks, movies, TV, documentaries, etc.

The instrumental music of the Digital Divide is the solo work of Vic DeMarzo.

Other musicians are noted in the song information section if applicable.

Enjoy music for what it truly is "The Universal Language"...

The story of the Digital Divide

For me, Being trained as a trumpet player during the 70's was the beginning of a love for many types of music. Fascination with electronics and synthesizers further enhanced this passion. Listening to the music of the early electronic pioneers was truly an inspirational journey.

Buying my first synthesizer in the early 80's was the catalyst that fueled my adventures in song writing. Embracing this technology was the key to a life long love of the recording arts.

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over 30 days ago to The Digital Divide

Nice worx ...I've already listened to 3 of them .
Best .

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The Digital Divide
over 30 days ago

Thanks Pasha. Sorry for the the late reply. I will check out your tunes as well.

so I entered a couple songs in some of the current contests. I know the system took them as I was emailed a receipt. Why cant I see that these songs are entered? Or better yet, can someone tell me where to look.

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Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago


One of the cool things about submitting here, is that if its not a contest but instead a licensing op, you can go to the left side and find "MUSIC LICENSING" in your tool bar.

Hover your mouse over music licensing and you'll see a few options pop up. You want to click on "My licensing submissions."

This will bring you to a page that provides info on what you've submitted to, a link to review in that op, and a link to see the statistics of what you submitted and how well it was received.

You can do the same with contests by hovering your mouse over the contests tab and clicking "my contest submissions."

Vote for Paublo.


The Digital Divide
over 30 days ago

Apparently I have yet to receive a review. Odd as it was 3 songs in 3 different categories. Maybe since I had nit reviewed yet, I had not received a review. Well I did review about 9 songs alst night. Hopefully this will open my songs up for review.

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