My birth name is Paul Glenmore Ritchie and my stage name is Benzie Stevens


'A Delightful Mixture&More' is a mix of styles that somewhat define my musical taste.

Some of my favorite songwriters are
Hank Williams, Pat Rahming, Charlie Adamson, Blake Alfonso Higgs, Ronnie Butler, Bob Dylan, Hal David and Burt Bacharach, Smokey Robinson.
Two people who helped me to get where I am today are my mother, who bought me mouth harp after mouth harp, and ever saying "boy, dont bury your talent!" And, my wife who supports me with all her heart and soul. Oh, what a woman Jehovah gave me!

Latest News

Benzie Stevens is on the move!
My son, Christopher was able to post two photos, one of me doing what I love to do, and one of me doing what I have to do to buy bread and coffee.
Good buddy Matt
uploaded my songs; and I have already submitted some of them.
Many thanks to Matthew and Chris and a special thanks to my one and only woman for her patience and love.
Also, hats off to Chris Baptiste of TAXI and Jesse of BROADJAM for their

Benzie Stevens

Benzie Stevens is the stage name for Paul G. Ritchie, who was born and raised on Long Island in the world-famous
archipelago of THE BAHAMAS.
Ever since he could remember, Benzie was a lover of music, however, due to being raised in a rural setting, he was unable to be trained formally in his young years. In '63, at the tender age of fifteen, Paul (I mean Benzie)
emigrated to the Capital of The Bahamas, otherwise known as Little Nassau, Lil Nassau, the Bahamas, or New Providence. In the mid-sixties, out of a mix of Sunday boredom and his inherent interest in music, Benzie bought a guitar, with which he entertained (or, irritated) a lot of his friends and acquaintances, not the least being his future wife, for whom he especially played 'If I Were A Capenter'. Benzie's first instrument is the harmonica, or mouth harp, which he learned to play at the age of 12, with his first performance being 'Mama Lay'. Writing is part and parcel of what Benzie loves to do, as he has been writing verse and poetry since the '60's and musical compositions since the '70's, for example, 'if you like a gal' was written in'72 and 'Sweet Melissa' in '99.
From a toddler in the late forties and early fifties, Benzie's interest in music is abiding; now he is encouraging his grandchildren to learn how to play musical instruments of their choice.
Leonie Ritchie and Cindy Ritchie have had much to do with Benzie's success: his mother, Leonie Ritchie, who always encouraged him not to bury his talent; AND, Benzie's wife, Cindy, has supported him completely and unconditionally. Benzie says:"She believes in me."
Benzie is a simple man of simple tastes, having no illusions or delusions, and he is ever determined to keep his feet on the ground.

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