Island Gals

Song Length 3:27 Genre Latin - Cuban, World - Reggae/Carribean


Oh, don't you know,
Oh, don't you know
Well, I ga tell you so
Dem islan' gals are pretty

1.Dey don't put on when dey talk
Dey talkin naturally
And you'll feel good when they walk
Cos they walkin like a lady


2.Dey don't wear much lipstick
And shadow roun dere eyes
And when dey wash dere faces
You wont be surprised


3.Now an island gal is very smart
And she like a one-woman man
And if any man try to slicker her
She'll bury him in der sand


4.Now I'm not knocking dem city gals
So don't get me wrong
You see I'm talkin' bout islan gals
So dis is dere song
And any boy who don't believe what I say
And he disengaged and free
Den he should get on Bahamasair
And come for himself to see


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