A Delightful Mixture & More

A Delightful Mixture & More is a mosaic of diverse, or if you will, a patchwork of musical styles that had its genesis in the many influences brought to bear on the writer's mindset over the years. And there is the inherent determination not to be pigeonholed. Although, mother's wit, common sense and the wisdom from above will probably persuade me to recognize the realities of getting a market for my songs and poetry.

Life is a Song
Jazz - Modern
Plays: 43
if you like a gal
Latin - Salsa
Plays: 44
Rock - Funk
Plays: 46
Rythmic Relaxer (or, Midnite Run or, Midnight Moods)
Jazz - General
Plays: 28
Grandpa Blues
Blues - Country
Plays: 65
Island Gals
Latin - Cuban
Plays: 33
Youre In My Heart To Stay
Jazz - General
Plays: 47
Without You
Blues - Rural
Plays: 36
Sweet Melissa
Jazz - Contemporary
Plays: 42
nancy's song
Jazz - Modern
Plays: 57
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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