Without You

Song Length 3:54 Genre Blues - Rural, Blues - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


my world is emplty and lonely without you
and I'm so alone now you've gone away
You've left me in a world tha's filed with despari
and i would give anything just to have you near

the love we shared, it was so real
and i never thought it would ever end
but now that you've gone away and left me all alone
i believe I'm going off the deep end

We had such good times when we were together
we were happy in any kind of weather
but now that you'r gone, it's raining in my heart
oh pleae tell me why did we have to part

cos the love we shared it was so real
it made me feel that life was worth living
but now that you've gone and left me all alone
i dont know, i dont know where to turn
i dont know where to turn

Lyrics paul ritchie Music paul ritchie
Producer paul ritchie Publisher paul ritchie
Performance paul ritchie and friends
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