Born in april on the north side of Cleveland Asjislam lived a nomadic lifestyle as his family moved from one place to the next.And even though his home life was unstable music would serve as the one thing he would come to depend on.And after hearing such artist as nwa, scarface, epmd,krs1 and the ghetto boys he felt a special connection to this form of expression.I guess you can say hip hop saved his life,a life of pain and loss both of which his music is based on.

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"NO GRILLZ NO TATTZ NO CHAINZ" is the latest Ep release by Asjislam and it is totally off the hook. Asjislam has clearly progressed since his early days. That said this Ep has clearly been crafted to sell, as Asjislam comes out less grimey, with productions that are a whole lot smoother than the common mixtape.
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