This up and coming artist is one you don't want to miss. Naturally gifted in music since childhood. As a songwriter, recording artist and producer, Alyric has the ability to branch into different genres as well as reach different audiences. Since age 5, trained classically in piano and violin, singing church and school, recitals, guilds and talent shows, a current music major in college, she has developed an ear which produces catchy melodies and beautiful harmonies. Her songwriting comes from a poetic, emotional and hiphop background and is soulfully written. She has performed in New York City at the notable "Pyramid" and "Karma Lounge" as well as "Cafe' Iguana". You will most recognize her by her singles "What I Wanna hear" featuring producer and artist Slim Terra .

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Currently working on multiple projects for various artist nationwide. Contact at for inquiries.

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