The Secret Place

Story Behind The Song

I always pray. Sometimes when I'm troubled or confused about something I meditate. There has never been a time when I looked to God for answers and didn't receive them. God is faithful and will do just what He said. This song is about me giving an invitation to everyone to experience to joy and relief I feel after praying to God or meditating It's such a weight lifted off your shoulders when you know God is in control of your situation and nothing gets by Him.

Song Description

From beginning to end this song will give you chills if you really sit and listen to the lyrics and understand them. Anyone that know who God is, knows what this song is about. If you don't know Him, you can learn about Him in this song. It relaxes you, calms your spirit, all while getting into a groove that just won't stop.

Song Length 4:12 Genre R & B - Religious, R & B - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Cool Subject God, Joy
Language English Era 2000 and later


The Secret Place
(length of song 4:10)
Verse 1
Here I am, dwelling in the presence of our God
I'm not afraid, I close my eyes and drift to my own place
"Secret Place"
It's not a place that the eyes can see, its beyond ability
It's an incredible feeling, when you're invited here to be
Under the shadow, of the Almighty
In the secret place, that's where I love to be, He tells me I am His own
In the secret place, there's peace and liberty, best joy that I've ever known
Verse 2
I have a place, where I can leave my worries all behind
A hiding place, created just to give me peace of mind, in the
"Secret Place"
I know, he will deliver me, from my enemies
He will give His angels, charge over me, to keep me in all of His ways
Back to chorus 2x
Oh- sometimes you just can't say a word, just can't say a word
Oh- sometimes you might have to cry, but God will wipe your weeping eyes,
Oh- oh in the secret place, I wanna thank you, wanna thank you, Thank you for hiding me in your
In the secret place, secret place, the secret place, secret place (you gotta hold on, hold on, just be strong)
Written, arranged and produced by Ellen Hayes, Sean Hardin, Carlos Gunn. Musical arrangement by Sean Hardin. Recorded by Carlos Gunn at Masterpiece Studio. Mixed my Todd Fairall and Mastered by Eric Morgeson of Studio A in Dearborn. MI. Bass Derrell Cummings, Keys Sean Hardin and Derrell Cummings, Organ Sam Richardson, Guitar, Drums and percussions

Lyrics Ellen Hayes Music Sean Hardin
Producer Ellen Hayes and Carlos Gunn Publisher Hayed Talent Productions
Performance ASCAP Label no Label

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