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Memories of My First Elephant Race

Song Description

Exaltation of an Elephant Race

Song Length 3:00 Genre Electronic - Jungle, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Ecstatic, On Cloud Nine
Subject Wild Animals, Happiness Similar Artists Chicago, Glenn Miller And His Orchestra
Language Other Era 2000 and later



Interesting song. I like the originality and style of the work.

Keep trying
Try to uses some other instrument sounds in there

This track reminded me of something that would be played in a Beverly Hills Cop movie during a mischievous scene or a comedic scene. It definitely had a 80's feel to it with the choice of synths and drum machine used

This song really grows on you, it's extremely dissonant with the horns, but could work in the right situation in Film or T.V. I give the composer high fives for trying something very unusual! I'm sure this odd composition has to be intentional,but could maybe use a tad bit of restraint in chord choices....still is way cool!!! Good Job!!!!! Fun piece of music.......

Well, its a happy song :)

Loved the eclectic feel of this and thought the songwriting had a lot of commercial potential!

When it started, I didn't know what to expect, but then I started to see all sorts of potential for animation. Very retro in a Steamboat Willy (or B&W Simpsons cast) on the African Queen sort of way. Reminded me of Walt Disney and George Gershwin. Fun stuff. Very, very good work. Hope this one gets you somewhere. Good luck with it.

It has a nice electronic sound and it is unique.

I really like the arrangement, sounds a little like Harry Bundi - very nice stuff!

I must this song made me smile once I got into the main portion of the song. It has a happy feel to it and you really can't sit still while listening to it. You picked the right instrumentation for this music and it catches your attention.

Reminds me of an early 80's computer game! Love the 8 bit vibe

One of the things I like about reviewing songs on Broadjam is that I get to hear different things all the time. You have definitely added something new to my listening experience. If this is typical of Electronic Jungle, I wouldn't mind wandering through the trees again. Sounds like you did a great job putting together this track and I wish you every success with it. Fun to listen to!

I quite like the style it has the potential to be a good song for TV like a comedy sketch or something. Keep up the good work!!

This reminded me of a TV show cue that has quirky comedy elements. The brass keyboard sound took me back to the 80s and reminded me of Weather Report and some of the Jazz/Rock fusion of the 70s. There is some light percussion too but this was a very sparse piece of music made wit electronic equipment. There are two main sections to the piece with mostly brass synth.

Hard to tell

Though the track needed a lot of work in terms of basic form of the song I did like the improvisatory feel and quirky lead synth sound. With a little bit of editing this piece can actually be pretty cool especially if you stretched out the parts with the dissonant chords and messed around with the drum pattern.

I felt the song was good.. I think you would really benefit from adding more songs to your arsenal. It has a good flow.

A drunken keyboard clownerie

Nice sound.

Wacky fun! This tune makes you smile and would be a hard one to categorize. But who cares, it's a perfectly fun (and I mean fun) listen with the unique structure and instrumentation and could work with a number of TV sync opportunities.

This is very unique. I like it. I can see this song being used on a TV show or in a movie.

Lyrics Patrick E. Muth Music Patrick E. Muth
Producer Patrick E. Muth Publisher Patrick E. Muth
Performance Patrick E. Muth
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