Story Behind The Song

I was watching the news one night and heard a blurb about how the failing economy was impacting animal shelters. The shelters were deluged with many more dogs being left at the shelters by their owners. The story explained that with all the job losses and home foreclosures, people were forced to move into apartments that didn't allow pets. My reaction was WOW. And the seed for this song was planted.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Country - Contemporary, Folk - Americana
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Troubled Subject Economics, Frustration
Similar Artists Toby Keith, Blake Shelton Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lyrics & Music Composed by Brian McNulty. Copyright by Brian McNulty. All rights reserved.

I remember the days when I was so young.
All I had to do was play in that summer sun.
Mom stayed at home while our dad went to work.
One paycheck was more than enough.
Working real hard would get you ahead,
And basically life was real good.

Tell me where we lost the American Dream.
Things are so much harder now than they should be.
Hard-working people are losing their jobs and their homes.
As they have to drop their dog off at the pound,
They wonder-- where did we lose the American Dream.

Please don't think that I'm complaining.
I know I'm luckier than some,
Even if my job don't pay like it used to.
I am thankful we can pay both of the mortgages & bills
And are able to put food on the table.
But after that is done,
There isn't much left for fun,
And it pains me to say
I cannot always
Give my kids what they need.

CHORUS. . . ....... Tell me,


Well you can call me an American dreamer,
And that I well may be,
Because I still believe
That we will all redeem
The American Dream.

The vocal is deep and strong. Reminds me of Rodney Atkins/ Scotty Mcreery... Love the message... Nice hook.. Nice job!

GREAT SONG--should be on country radio!--i love it!--thanxs--joe

What a great topic, and you treated it so well. It's a subject that resonates in the hearts of many. Working hard, not getting ahead, struggling to meet the needs of our children. I hope you find commercial success w/ this tune if that is what you are seeking. Meanwhile, sing it for as many as you can! I sure liked it a lot! Terrific instrumentation, clear vocals, great mix, excellent production, a real treat for the ears. GREAT JOB, songwriter!

Wow! What a nice production. This singer's fine voice nails the Country genre to a tee. Lyrics tell the tale of America's current state of poor health, but how we also maintain the strong spirit of family and perseverence; the individual, hard working American. I can really relate.

What a great sounding song. From intrumentation, through backing vocals to recording quality and arrangement, it's my kinda music. Topped by a top lead vocal!

Lyrics Brian McNulty Music Brian McNulty
Producer Stacy Hogan ( Publisher Brian McNulty Music Publishing Company
Performance Michael Lusk, Brian McNulty & Friends Label McB's Records
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