Song Length 4:04 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Endearing, Adorable Subject Falling in Love, Dogs
Similar Artists Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lyrics & music composed by and copyright by Brian P. McNulty. All rights reserved.

There was an empty place in my heart
Waiting for you, And I did not even know,
Until the first time that we looked into each other's eyes,
And the magic in that look made love grow.

You stole my heart in a single moment.
You made me love you. You stole my heart.
And forever my heart will be
Better because you loved me.
You stole my heart.

You met me at the door every day when I came home
With a kiss and a loving look.
You were always by my side, and you let me know
You were glad to be,
and you loved me unconditionally.

You stole my heart in so many moments.
You kept making me love you. You stole my heart.
And forever I will be
Better because you loved me.
You stole my heart

You stole my heart. You stole my heart.

For so many years you taught me by example
What it means to be a friend and to love.
When the vet said there was nothing more that he could do for you,
I held you in my arms & I cried, because

You stole my heart in so many moments.
You made me love you. You stole my heart.
And forever I will be
Better because you loved me.
You stole my heart

You stole my heart. You stole my heart.

You stole my heart.

You stole my heart.

Faultless - beautiful vocals - you stole my heart! Loved it.

This sounds TOTALLY pro! Great singer with a voice that works for traditional Country, as well as Modern, Contemporary Country. If you aren't going for an outside cut, I certainly could hear this version being used in a variety of ways. Really WONDERFUL!

Great country tune. I could listen to that sweet voice all day long. One of those great country tunes that I've found here on Broadjam. Solid lyric with nice harmonies.

The V3 twist was a complete surprise, and had the effect of making me want to go back and listen to the song with that new knowledge--like the movie THE SIXTH SENSE. Melodically I liked it a lot, good simple, emotionally strong tune. Like the vocal a lot, too.

Really beautiful song very well constructed and well sung harmonies worked well and loved the electric guita simple but very effective

Thanks I really enjoyed this

Lyrics Brian McNulty Music Brian McNulty
Producer Stacy Hogan ( Publisher Brian McNulty Music Publishing Company
Performance Amber Rose, Brian McNulty & Friends Label McB's Records
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