The Day You Died

Story Behind The Song

My wife died in 2004. This song distills the essence of the wake of her death in the months and years after.

Song Description

One of my favorite movies is "A Wonderful Life." I loved how Clarence, the angel, said that each person touches and effects so many other people, and when one person is gone, they leave an awful hole. In this song I tried to capture that.

Song Length 3:42 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Lost Love, Loneliness
Similar Artists Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lyrics & Music by & Copyright by Brian McNulty. All rights reserved.

The clock keeps ticking in this empty bedroom.
I hear the echoes in my mind.
The silence beneath it feels like a cold, dark tomb.
Time seems so very undefined.

In half sleep I've forgotten and have reached for you in bed.
When my hand finds only air I hug your pillow instead.

Walled-up streams of hot tears burst through & pour down on my face.
There can be so much power in an empty space.
I can't fill the hole you left although I've tried.
All my befores and afters-- they began and ended the day you died.

Your place at the table--it whispers of change.
Your vacant chair tugs upon my heart.
A faint hint of perfume on your bathrobe brings pain.
I wonder how long we will be apart.

We must have been made one flesh on our wedding day.
Because part of me was ripped out on the day you went away.

Walled-up streams of hot tears burst through and pour down on my face.
There can be so much power in an empty space.
I can't fill the hole you left although I've tried.
All my befores and afters--they began and ended the day you died.

All my befores and afters--they began and ended the day you died.
Whoa oh whoa the day you died.
Whoa oh whoa.
The clock keeps ticking.

You had me from the intro & when the vocals started!!! Great song & great voice!!!
I absolutely loved this track!!! The lyrics painted a beautiful picture!!! I can see this in movies, commercials, on the radio!!!

Great heartfelt song and very well produced. I loved the line with the power of an empty space, very thought provoking.

A very powerful song that comes across as a very personal one. If it was not written from personal experience it was very well imagined and interpreted by the writer. Excellent production in all respects.

I think the song is Fantastic.

This is one of those songs, so sweet & sincere, It will bring tears to your eyes - it's a lovely and sweet song.!

Wow, what a tear-jerker. You had me emotionally wrapped up in your song from verse 1. I was so glad it was death and not divorce. This is an amazing song. So original, so poignant, so right on target. It would be good for all the widows and widowers out there to hear it. Excellent lyric: All my befores and afters ended the day you died. Wow that's powerful. Great tune, terrific instrumentation. I definitely want to hear more!

Just about perfect. Even the intro, which some "suit" will say is "too long", was the ticking of a clock....very nice sharp production...vocalist just emotional enough without overdoing it...after goes on....arrangement very good...wanted more at the end...great climb to the chorus...kind of a shocker the first time around, but was pretty calming by the end.

This just blew my mind! Wonderful song well played and sung. Lyrics are magical and obviously from the heart. I LOVED IT.

wow I decided to step away from my hard rock reviews for a bit and stumbled upon a great tune..... if your not alredy famous you will be soon

I really didn't just click excellent on everything because I was rushing. I mean it. I love the story, the vocal, arrangement, everything. Great Job, Great Song

Lyrics Brian McNulty Music Brian McNulty
Producer Stacy Hogan ( Publisher Brian McNulty Music Publishing Company
Performance Michael Lusk, Brian McNulty & Friends Label McB's Records
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