Song Length 3:56 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Relaxed Subject Love for Child, Happiness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Lyrics & Music & Copyright by Brian McNulty. All rights reserved.

My boy & I are by the riverside.
His rod is taller than he is.
I teach him to cast & bait a hook,
Just like my daddy did.

Our bare feet are in the sand,
And our fishing rods are in our hands.
And everything is alright--
Country alright.

Our spirits are flying high.
I look in his smiling eyes,
And everything is alright-.
Country alright.

Ten years later-- same fishing hole,
The cicadas sing their dying song.
Soon my boy will leave for boot camp.
He won't be here for long.

Our bare feet are in the sand,
And our fishing rods are in our hands.
And everything is alright--
Country alright.

Our spirits are flying high.
I look in his smiling eyes.
He'll serve his country alright--
Country alright.

Some moments in life stay with you.
You carry the memories in your mind,
And think of those days when times get tough,
To feel good deep inside.

Now my boy is in a foreign land,
A machine gun is in his hands.
He needs to feel alright--
Country alright.
He thinks of home and closes his eyes.

And his feet are in the sand.
And his fishing rod is in his hand.
He sees my smiling eyes.
For a moment it is alright--
Country alright!


Great vocal performance! Recording and instrumentation very strong. Lyrics are very visual , nice imagery !

Nice country sound! Great vocals!

A beautiful song, very well crafted and brilliantly performed.

Well as soon as the first note was played I knew this was "Country Alright"..what can I say, fantastic song, above all the story line behind this song is to touching, amazing lyrics.

Fishing, Soldiers, Fathers, Sons, sweet guitar picking and awesome country vocals. everything you want in a country song is right here!

This is REALLY good. Breath of fresh air. The recording quality is excellent and each performance is damn solid.

Very mature music, mature lyrics and care filled arrangement. There is certainly a place out there for this level of writing and musicianship. Seriously, fantastic.

Wow, triple wow! What an amazing song. From the sweet mandolin/fiddle intro to the word pictures of the first verse, you had me hooked for good. There is absolutely NOTHING negative to say about this 5 star song. I am soooo glad you didn't have your son dying at the end of the song. You would have had me crying all over the place. You have the God-given ability to paint a beautiful picture with your words. I loved the part about the fishing rod being bigger than your son, jumping 10 years ahead, then him becoming a soldier. The play on words was so creative turning country all right into patriotic when he enlisted. Fantastic storytelling. This is one of the best country songs I have heard on BJ and I have reviewed a LOT of songs.

Brian McNultys' "Country Alright" is a heartfelt tale of a father and son that's hard not to like. Its rolling tempo and insightful lyric leave us hoping for the safe return of a son to his family. Give a listen and wish for the best!

Unusual intro that made it interesting from the start. Great vocal tone and with a voice like that almost any song would sound good.
That's not to take away from this song because it is an excellent song.

Very good recording, your vocals are amazing. I could hear this one on the radio. I like the story your lyrics paint. And to use the fishing hole 10 years later - awesome. Boy leaving for boot camp,"Our bare feet in the sand, fishing rods in our hand" - great line.

Your bridge did me in - deep inside. "Thinks of home and closes his eyes. my boy is in a foreign land, machine gun in his hand - everything is all right." Ok, I'm crying here. You got me, I have to listen again...

Lyrics Brian McNulty Music Brian McNulty
Producer Stacy Hogan ( Performance WFH for Brian McNulty ( vocal by Mike Lusk)
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