Before You Swallow

Song Length 4:33 Genre Blues - Country, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Content Subject Life, Trains
Language English


Before You Swallow
©Jeffrey C. Ashbaker 12-2013

Train I'm on, hear the angels and the thunder
Train I'm on, Stevie's Monday morning rail
Count the cars, rolling as they rumble
Hear the sounds, a whistle and a wail

Train I'm on, double locomotion
Train I'm on, there's a cabin and caboose
I took a chance, I played a hunch, I had a notion
And I was right, but there was nothing left to lose
--- Chorus ---
Now I know, I was bound to follow
And in time, stand up and take the lead
But there's a bite just before you swallow
And there's a cut just before you bleed
There's a dog barking at the doorway
And there's a girl, calling out my name
And there's a fog, lifting just before they
Round the bend and the deadman stops the train

There's a train, sixteen cars and counting
There's a train, outbound in the storm
I hear the cries, of the passengers that haunt them
Now that I, am someplace safe and warm

-Refrain 2-
And I learned, I must lead to follow
Or I'll find, I am all alone
There's a taste, sweet before you swallow
At a place, I can call my home
There's a train (there's a train) somewhere in the distance
I can Hear (I can hear) the whistle, though it's faint
I'm not clear (I'm not clear) with regards to it's existence
Some say it is (some say it is) some say it ain't

I dig a shuffle first off! Had me right away. I'm thinking along JJ Cale kind of vibe. Guitars are nice

The doubled acoustic guitars are a nice touch; well played. The group vocals are nice, they fit the style of the song well and give it a nice attitude.

I Love everything about this one...Definitely can fit in to a movie or tv show...Maybe back ground of a bar as the lead actor walks in.

This song had me dancing in my seat. Super cool acoustic guitar groove with nice lead guitar track. Smooth vocal and a well written song. What more can you ask for?

Nice lead guitar licks. Nice addition and mix of the female vocal.

Good uptempo song. The rhythm section is supportive and the guitar is good. Easy to hear the lyrics.

Great tune Jeff!! Groove is simple but very effective. Lyrics are very strong! Playing/singing sound great and are recorded and mixed very well. Cool stuff!!!

Nice production. I love the live tracks! The band sounds great, cool guitar fills add to the track. Quite a production, there is a lot of things happening here; very good performances I can tell this is a big production.... Great job, this is a very complete song.

This has a really nice feel and is performed very well. The guitar is well done and fits perfectly.

liking the overall sound of this track,well recorded and tracked

Really great song. I love the groove.

A real toe-tapper!! Good dance tune definitely.. This has several potential applications: TV-Film-Live Clubscene- Radio
Guitar was kickin! Vocals were very good. Overall recording was nice.

Very well put together. great sound . you have your own style and sound. made me want to pick up my guitar and go dancing!! I enjoyed the positive side and the story.. Great overall.. last comment..has a hinge of Eddie Rabbit, who, I have great respect for..

Good beat and lyric. Nice blues song and vocal.

The rhythm feels perfect. Just the right speed for a feel good vibe. All of the instruments are well played (nice acoustic at the front,and I love the ending!) I'm going to listen again while I type. Smooth harmonies and Great lead vocal! Mix sounds good on my JBL's!!! I would definitely NOT turn the station if this was to come on!

OH WOW!--LOVE IT--great song!--keep up the great stuff--had a feel to it like/JJ CALE/ stuff---thanxs--joe

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