Old Friend

Song Length 3:27 Genre Folk - Alternative

I love it when the PURE HONESTY comes through in a ballad like this one. The storytelling is stellar. Writer sets the stage and develops the conversational story in a way that is understandable, REAL and clever. Interesting the way the instrumentation works with the gentle guitar picking and scaling piano notes. I liked it! The vocal is crystal clear, a little gritty which goes along with the honesty mentioned earlier in this review. Favorite rhymes: years/beers. The Wife #3 - great lyric there too. Excellent job on a very inspired song!

Beautiful pace , instruments superb , i love the way the piano is expressing its side of the story , every human can relate to this song, leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling , so brilliant work.

I love the realistic, lived-in vocal. The guitar is beautiful and the lyrics are compelling. I like it! :)

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England #7
Folk - Alternative #2
Folk #6
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