I'm gonna feel this in the morning

Song Length 2:52 Genre Country - Rockabilly

nice git work and mix think this is Pro-Tools

Love the song and of course the vocalist is good

I really loved this song. It had a lot of hooks and riffs. It had a great rhythm. The lyrics are really neat. The recording is spot on!!! Decent stuff!!!

Very catchy tune filled with great hooks and smoking hot guitar. Well written and performed. I love a good party song it gets the girls up on there feet.

Great rockin' country song with a rockabilly twist. It has an infectious beat and really fun chorus that you want to sing and dance along to. Lyrics are clever and the song is sung with great conviction by the vocalist. I can definitely hear this on country radio and it seems like any of today's male vocalists out there on the scene would consider this song for a single.

A cool country rocker from start to finish. It has all the ingredients a cool country rocker should have to make it a cool country rocker and they were all played very well. Cool guitar riff!!
Well done. Thanks for the listen!!!

Good song idea, I like the repeating band unison lines. The vocal performance is well done.

Song gets off to a great start, setting up a rocking country boogie beat. The rhythm section and the vocals are strong throughout. Nice middle guitar break.

great intro and guitar sound throughout the song. good break in between the first and second half of the verse. Good rocking beat. drums and guitar drive it nicely
great vocal pitch and stylistically appropriate

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