Thanks to the Internet and social media, more and more independent artists have risen to worldwide prominence through hard work, perseverance and grassroots promotion. One of those "superstars" is singer/songwriter, Luanne Hunt.

Throughout her illustrious career, the award-winning, three-time Grammy-balloted recording artist has built an impressive list of accomplishments, including scoring numerous No. 1 hits on independent folk, Gospel, adult contemporary and country music charts around the world.

She is best known for her chart-topping single, "Christmas Without You," which was recently named by Sweden's largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, one of the Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-time.

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Luanne's 21st studio album officially releases February 1, 2022.
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J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Luanne Hunt

Luanne, Love The Soothing Sound Of "A Song For Healing" ... Wonderful Instrumentation, Mix & Production ... Great Vocals Top It Off ... Best Wishes For Wherever Faith, Life & The Music Lead You ... J Nelson K

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Luanne Hunt
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much, J Nelson K. I appreciate your kind comments greatly.

Steve Purcell
over 30 days ago to Luanne Hunt

I'm new here.,
any info., or suggestions on how to get the most out of this web-site would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much.

Robin James Rendell
over 30 days ago to Luanne Hunt

Another really good song - and I'm a sucker for any song featuring a flute! I like the lyrics and the melody. Good song.

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