Facebook Addict(rock)

Song Description

remake of Facebook Addict, with Rock/punk style

Song Length 4:14 Genre Rock - General


Verse 1

I was born and raised in a normal loving family
But I needed my fix and I needed it so badly
Heroin, cocaine, meth they all bored me
But when I got my first hit on Facebook it nearly floored me!


Now I'm a Facebook addict I wake up in the night, to put up my posts, and count up my likes
I'm a Facebook addict and it gives me a smile, but I can't face the truth cause I'm deep in denial

Verse 2

Well my family and friends they all threw me an intervention
the shrink was there and my high school teacher from detention
I pretended to listen, I faked I was paying attention
But late that night I just went onto Facebook and unfriended them!



Every place that I go, every thing that I do
Even blowing my nose is some Facebook news!
Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,
Look at me, here I am!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

Well I lost my wife, I lost my kids, my whole family
Even my golden retriever, she looks at my so sadly
They threw me into rehab, a twelve step program gonna save me
but when I snuck out the window, the security guard tased me!

Chorus(longer chorus)

Really like the overall vibe! Singer is very good. Very good lyrics, original and creative.

Nice take on social media. Got a bit of a surf rock feel to it. Good harmonies. A winner.

Lots of energy solid demo overall.

Ah nice idea/hook/title facebook addict indeed, nice smiley face lyrics indeed, the guitars are nice, good retro rock vibe...I like it.

Great presentation of song form... the hook I was not expecting at all, and that's a very good thing! Thank you... yep, your lyrics are great. It's a bit Bay City Rollers and a lot Green Day. The song has serious peep, comedy and fun, cool melodies and a rocking band so what's not to love? Not to dismiss the not so subtle truth being told here!!

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Dave Blackburn Performance David Spitzfaden
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DeDe WedeKind clever/funny songs 3/10/2021
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