Innocent Ones

Song Description

Story of the other victims of divorce.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Gloomy
Subject Divorce Language English



We're the innocent ones
We are told that we are not to blame
We're the innocent ones
We live with the pain just the same
When two parents go their separate ways
We are what remains
We're the innocent ones

We're the innocent ones
Somehow we think it's all our fault
We're the innocent ones
All of this, we should have stopped
We believe that there's still a way it can work
But sometimes words really do hurt

No matter the situation
No matter what they choose
Would it make a difference if we made better grades (1st bridge)
Or if we cleaned our room
Like they asked us too
Then being the innocent ones
Might have been true

We're the innocent ones
No bystander can be claimed
We're the innocent ones
This is a no-win losing game
We just want to run and hide
A million tears I know we've cried

We're the innocent ones
Some things children just can't grasp
We're the innocent ones
We don't understand why their love didn't last
They promise they would always love us too
Is what they are telling us, now the truth
We're the innocent ones

(1st bridge -- repeat)

No matter the situation
No matter what this proves
If there's a chance that we could change, simply re-arrange
Then no one has to lose
Lord I'm asking you

Being an innocent One
What can we do?

We are the innocent ones

Lyrics laramie mixon Music Rob Howard
Performance Rob Howard

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