Songs I Wish I Wrote

Candice Russell
Loved By You
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 1,690
Jo Ann Hudson
Don't Tear Down My Goodwill Store
Blues - Rock
Plays: 666
Julia Schmidt
I"ll bring you coffee
Classical - Contemporary
Plays: 516
Julia Schmidt
The Gift ( by Donovan Tucker and Adam Avery)
Country - Religious
Plays: 460
Michelle Lockey
Another Night
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 953
Julia Schmidt
Ain't Country 'Nuff'( by Earl C. Webb)
Country - Cowboy
Plays: 232
Julia Schmidt
Come into my life-Come into my heart( by George Sladek)
Pop - General
Plays: 246
Randi Driscoll
Country - Alternative
Plays: 60
Dream The Dream Feat. Bruce Trent
Folk - Religious
Plays: 237
More Than A Memory Can Give
Country - Traditional
Plays: 315
Brian McNulty
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 1,064
Chet Nichols
The Needle In His Arm (Rock-Psychedelic)
Rock - Americana
Plays: 518
Groundhog Day
Country - General
Plays: 395
Donovan Tucker
You Say It Better
R & B - Classic
Plays: 430
Liz Miller
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 388
ron boustead
Best Day Yet
Pop - Alternative
Plays: 3,685
Maureen Fichten
So Long
Pop - General
Plays: 461
Mario Massi
Stop This World
Country - Alternative
Plays: 259
Forever and a Day
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 59

Plays: 0
Bradford Loomis
Great Divide
Country - Alternative
Plays: 132
matt taylor
If I Had The Time Kmix7
Country - Americana
Plays: 500
Pop - General
Plays: 258

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