Hi to everyone that visits our site here on broadjam.

Str Productions is a professional Production and Mastering studio based in the UK. We have worked with over 100 broadjam members over the past couple of years helping them to improve their songs to be able to use for license deals, music company deals and for selling on the internet.

At Str we will not ask for a fixed price to do work, we are committed to helping new and struggling artistes to get a professional sound and we work very closely with artistes with what they can afford.
Please take a look at our main website


If you like what you hear and want this standard of sound for your projects just email us at str.productions@virginmedia.com
we will then talk about what you can afford, rather than tell you what you will pay.

we have put some new songs on broadjam today from recent people we have helped.

Thanks for reading this message

Latest News

We have just put a new song that has been re-mixed by David jones at Str. The song is called "Angels in my Room" by fellow Broadjam artiste Julian Rowley. Please take a listen to the song and pop over to Julians site to say hi as well. I will be working with Julian again on more of his cool songs

We will completely re-mix any genre song for any Broadjam member. Just check out our site
to get a feel of what we do.


Str Productions

updated 05/25/11

services offered

i have a fully working studio and will work on any genre of song given to me, check out all the songs i have either remastered of produced.
i will master one song free and it will be a full song not 1 minute.
i only offer this service to broadjam members and no one else.

my rates are
10 songs fully mastered in wav and mp3 format for $250. All files will be sent back via secure internet service.
single songs, same service as the ten $30

full song production, includes song cleaned, re eq`d, effects added, mixed, wide stereo field, all tracks correctly phased, mastered to industry standard -0.2 db.
$20 an hour, most work will be done in around 8 hours depending on tracks.
lyrics and vocalist(phil rushtomn)
$5 extra an hour

Instruments used in studio

Gibson 1976 Les Paul Jr- its has been well used and has bits out of it but the pick-ups are out of this world.

Epiphone Les Paul, rare maple bird eye from the states, plays really well.

Silvertone-Paul Stanley signature-well made guitar with great humbuckers for a really deep tone.

Fender jazz bass- the work horse of my studio, great tone and always on the money.

Washburn t-160 bass- both pickups have been custom wound and produce a really punchy bass sound.

Crafter 12 String semi/accustic- the guitar that everthing gets writen on and then demo`d.

Crafter 6 string semi/accustic-great guitar for solo work and has really rich tone to brings out more colour in a song.

Pearl export custom drum kit- not mine but my sons, hat can i say pearl.

Alesis DM5 Pro Electronic Drum Kit- excellent drum kit for putting through the console via midi, with the BFD2 software, i can have a 1976 ludwig custom kit in my studio.

M Audio Oxygen-49-Key USB MIDI Controller- great keyboard for using all the midi plug-ins in any application

Software used.

I use all the plug-ins availible on pro-logic and pro-tools, as needed.

Monitors- KRK RP6 G2 Rokit Powered 6`s.

I.K Multimedia A.R.C room correction software for a true mix sound on my monitors.

waves diamond bundle

I.K multimedia T-racks deluxe mastering software.

IZotope Ozone 3 - 64-bit Integrated Mastering System ...
64-bit Integrated Mastering System with Analog Modeling.

Izotope Spectrom-64-bit Spectral Effects processor

Izotope Trash- 64-bit distortion, filters and delays,

Celemony Melodyne plug-in,

BIAS Soundsoap2- broadband, noise reduction, wave restoration software.

Sony Creative Software- Cd Architect 5.2 Professional Red Book Audio CD Mastering,

FXpansion- BFD2: an acoustic drum production environment for a computer with unprecedented power and flexibility. Extreme realism and sound quality, fast and easy set up, total plug-in integration to your digital audio workstation.

Line 6-POD Farm Platinum-Industry-standard, professional POD tones,

Studio information- Work Station

Digital Audio Units(D.A.W)-
Pro-logic version 8,
Pro-tools version 8.1,

A little info on me.

Hi, I am 47 years old and live in the United Kingdom. I have been playing music since I was 14 and have loved every second. I have been in a few bands in those years and have made lots of demos. I was a session guitar/bass player for about 10 years in the 80`s and had the fortune to work in quite a few well known studios in Birmingham and London. I first started getting in to recording and production about 4 years ago with a 8 track Boss BR1180cd which gave me hours and hours of fun. I have recently got an apple and use logic pro 8. I have also got pro-tools 8 as well but being new I find logic easier to use. I am happily married to Donna and i have a 20 year old son also called David who has been playing drums since he was 11. My son is currently at college studying music production, as he wanted to learn it the correct way, where as i have have just learnt what i know from asking questions for the past 30 years
I try to do one song every week and submit that song to licencing.
i have starsted to offer the service of mastering any kind of genre song. i will master one song free. i can also offer the service of completly working on a song project from just the basic tracks.
i can also offer a vocalist to help your song come alive with lyrics, which i can also supply.
for the production of a song i only charge $20 an hour and $25 if a vocalist is required.


Julia Schmidt
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Hi! Interested in more details of your service:).... Julia

over 30 days ago to str.productions

please dont forget about getting in contact with me about your services

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