Swedish composer and songwriter.

Sounds Like: Massive Attack, Thomas Newman

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Lennart Jensen is nominated for the 2011 Hollywood Music In Media Award in category Techno-Electronica.

In November 2009, Lennart Jensen received THE 2009 HOLLYWOOD F.A.M.E. AWARD in category Special Achievement: Music in Film.

TEASING THE FIRE was placed in two episodes of MTV's new show "Styl'D"

RUNAWAY SUCCESS was placed in the feature movie "Private Valentine - Blonde and Dangerous", starring Jessica Simpson.

THEN I WANNA BE THERE was selected for placement in MTV Networks.

Swedish composer/producer

Lennart Jensen is an award-winning composer and Film/TV music producer from Stockholm, Sweden. His music has been heard in an American feature movie, in MTV shows and is represented in the rosters of other major American TV networks. He has won the Billboard World Song Contest twice and had winners in the International Songwriting Contest, Song of the Year and Broadjam.

In November 2009, he walked the red carpet in Los Angeles to receive the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Award in category Special Achievement: Music in Film.

Lennart has studied Cinematic Orchestration and Film and TV composition for top shelf Hollywood orchestrators and composers. This know-how together with four decades of musical experience have been valuable assets to help him gain success in the highly competitive music business.

His musical adventure began in the early 70's with an electric guitar when he was invited to sling guitar solos in a rocking combo. 40 years down the road he is more versatile and full-fledged than ever and has added bass guitar, keyboards and orchestral writing and orchestration to his skills set.

He writes in a few genres, such as Cinematic Orchestral, Jazztronica and Electronica. His portfolio spans from short solo instrumentals to bold themes for the symphonic orchestra.


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Stephan Lindsjo
over 30 days ago to Lennart Jensen

Hej Lennart!
Ser på din katalog att du också verkar skicka in till listings här. Det kunde ju vara kul och diskutera lite om Broadjam och andra liknande tjänster?
Och, även som kollegor, bara snacka lite.

1 Replies
Lennart Jensen
over 30 days ago

Hej Stephan! Har inte varit inne här på ett långt tag typ några år men är tillbaka. Hör av dig om du har någon fråga. mvh Lennart

Suite Sauce
over 30 days ago to Lennart Jensen

Hey Lennart: Congrats on Teasing The Fire.

Suite Sauce
over 30 days ago to Lennart Jensen

Hey Lennart: Congrats on number 2 and 5 on top ten list. Don

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