Pianist composer. Most of time improvising/training at the piano but also writing/orchestrating and arranging.
Loving to mix genres to respond to challenges and contests.
Aspiring to get music synced.

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I'm open to any sort of collaborations.

Musical journey

My musical journey begins when I'm tall enough to play my grandma's piano and that was of course my first symphony.
As a youngster I played electric guitar over Black Sabbath and Deep Purple record's. As Tomy Iommi's guitars were not challenging enough I went to Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck Steve Hackett and Allan Holdsworth which is still one of my hero.
In the meanwhile I discovered Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Van der Graaf and many others From this time are some milestones records, Wish you were here, Physical graffiti, Lamb lies down on broadway, Godbluff...
I then acquired my first Roland modular synth and a few other keyboards (Elka, Hohner, Korg) That was pre-MIDI time, no communication between instruments. At that time I became familiar with studio environments and analog recording.
Then the intense studying begins.I studied and trained classical piano and composition for 15 years and graduated after having played concerts with some major piano concerto's (Liszt, Rahmaninov, Bach, Beethoven) and solo recitals. I also graduated as a composer heving a bunch of different ensembles and orchestral music written and some of them live played at concerts. I am familiar and fluent at music from medevials to Boulez.
In parallels I played with bands others and own music mainly progressive-rock and jazz-rock.
Family expanded and dayjob as lecturer in music Conservatories.
The second part of the journey was to start studying again and this time that was sound engineering and later at TV-Film school AV-production and sound design from both I graduated and such moved from piano music lecturer to music production lecturer. In that time I produced many stereo CD's and then over a hundred 5.1 DVD's and a few BluRay.That was for the last 15 years from now until....
What life brings,sometimes is taken away. The whole was broken for different reasons.
Almost a two years break was enough to get me on the path again but now droping all superficials time consuming filming and editing, audio recording and editing and my main focus is now back on the begining. Just composing.
So I may say I'm young at the production music, I've been doing it about a year (fall 2014) and that may be heard with some pieces in which the virtual instrument ready mixed lush sounds are taking over my musical expression.
That is now better in control and I am learning every day, BTW still training hours of piano daily!
I always play my stems live as I can't stand with step sequencing or using notation software.
Having always beeing a fan of film music I rely on the narrative aspect, storytelling even when the piece is short.
I listen to almost everything unless it is German Schlager!.
I got placements, TV-serie "Daughter of sun" and a few others which i may clarify after receiving my quaterly reports. I have signed with a few non.exclusive and also exclusives libraries. This is not a real time business, we may only month after beeing knowleged that a piece has been used in some production.
I'm thankful to every listener for the short time connection we have during the few minutes.

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