Then I Wanna Be There - feat. Fleezya

Song Length 3:14 Genre Pop - General, R & B - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English


When you're ridin' a bike to Frisco
or hang at the stairs of Rome
chill in the Park in New York
or playin' some jazz back home

When you samba a beach in Rio
and smile at a sunkissed girl
whisper je t'aime in Paris
rockin' somebody's world

Then I Wanna Be There
anytime, anyway
like a sky for a rainbow
Then I Wanna Be There
anyhow, any place
on a kite on a summer's day
Then I Wanna Be There
anytime, anyway
like the sun makes the moon glow
Then I Wanna Be There
anyhow, any way
till we're talkin' bout yesterday

When you're drivin all night in rain storm
to be with the one you need
sharin' some morning sunshine
with a woman who makes you dream

When the fire is at your doorstep
the rumble beneath your feet
your mind is above the eagles
it's gettin harder and harder to breathe


I wanna be hearin' you whisper my name on the phone
imagine your face when I'm sleepin' alone
I wanna be wakin' up and have you here, by my side, bona fide

I wanna be hearin' the sound of your key in the door
imagine you smile when you sneak 'cross the floor
I wanna be flyin' so high in the night when you put out the light

Then I wanna be there
like a fire for the gasoline
Then I wanna be there
like a dancer to a tambourine
Then I wanna be there
like a summer in the summer rain
Then I wanna be there
like a pilot in an aeroplane


THIS SONG IS PERFECT!--really had my feet tapping to it--felt great--thanxs--joe-------all 5's from me.

Lyrics Lennart Jensen Music Lennart Jensen
Producer Lennart Jensen Publisher Belcadenza
Performance Fleezya: Vocals ? Lennart.Jensen - all instruments and programming
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