Thank you for checking out my profile! I am a singer/songwriter originally from St. Louis living in Los Angeles for the last 20 years. I am heavily influenced by the music of the 80s and 90s, and love reimagining nostalgic music into a more contemporary style. I love real instruments, most of my original music is guitar or piano driven, and I absolutely love vocal harmonies. Thank you for lending me your ears, I will do my best to take good care of them.

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I'm currently working on my debit EP scheduled for release in mid 2021!
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Hey Frank, Listening to, "Asteroid", super cool tune, 5 stars & Likes, Great Job Sir!!
Love to connect thru Broad Jam, if interested?
Toodles, the Corey's..........
Have a Great New Year!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your #2 Broadjam Top 10 Pop position! You are a REALLY TALENTED singer/songwriter/musician/lyricist . We have 2 songs in the Europop Top 10 (Angel and Adrenalin) but when you have time, please check out Stay For A While and I'm Still Here. Wishing you a happy and successful 2022!

Randall Mark
over 30 days ago to Frank Marsilio

Hi. Congrats on being selected for "alt rock" opp. I was also selected. I was wondering, did you receive any further details about it? I only received the initial message on BJ saying I was selected but nothing more. Usually the opp immediately sends another message or email with details of what will happen next.

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Frank Marsilio
over 30 days ago

Hi Mark, congrats to you as well :) I found an email in my spam folder from a few days before the selection date that had the relevant information. Check and see if it perhaps got caught in your junk/spam folder. All the best, Frank

Randall Mark
over 30 days ago

Thx for your reply?

Before the selection?? That is wierd. I did not see any in my spam but from my experience I would expect an email at time of selection or after, not before. I'll look again. Thank you

Randall Mark
over 30 days ago

I like your song btw

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