Story Behind The Song

The song is written about trying to change yourself or hide something about yourself for the object of your affection, but realizing that eventually your true self will inevitably become known, and the deception ends up negatively affecting or destroying the relationship. However it is also kept vague enough that the listener can impart their own meanings into the lyrics.

Song Description

"Asteroid" has many space allusions and dual meanings, solid production, and a strong hook. It is very dynamic, starting slow and synthy, building with a pop-guitar riff into the pre-chorus, before kicking in a big drop on the title line. A spacey piano drives the 2nd verse, drops into an airy 2nd pre-chorus, and hits harder on the 2nd chorus. The bridge calms the storm before bringing it all together for the final chorus. Lyrically unique, with a fresh yet familiar feel, and the ending musical break can be used under dialog to transition back into the chorus for easy timing for ads or trailers.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Content Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Relationship
Language English Era 2000 and later


Orbiting a common center
I can feel your movements magnified
And as we make our way across the universe
Our paths are proven, and we're fated to collide

I wanna be your star, but I can't seem to shine
Maybe I could be your moon if I'd only fall in line

Previous deflections inhibit new connections
Scattering the truth into a thousand new directions.
Calm to all observers but my destiny is clear
Creeping towards the meteors, sneaking through the atmosphere

Screaming silently into the void
I'm an Asteroid.

Locked in oscillating frequencies
We dance a delicately scripted path
Charting out the course of our trajectory
I can sense the answer, so I refuse to do the math.

Wish I could be your sun, I want to light your day
But Illuminated friction is gonna shine in a different way

Previous deflections inhibit new connections
Scattering the truth into a thousand new directions
Calm to all observers but my destiny is clear
Sinking in the shadows through a suffocating atmosphere

An impact that I know I can't avoid
I'm an Asteroid

From the deep horizon, events were set in motion
Locked into my sights I am a cosmic storm approaching
Brace yourself for impact, the final act is near
Spiraling into the core and poisoning the atmosphere

And now the world I knew has been destroyed
I'm an Asteroid.

Lyrics Frank Marsilio Music Frank Marsilio
Label FnT Records
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California #4
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