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Paul Daren
1 day ago to Diane RIDAEUS

Hi Diane! Many thanks for the 5 stars for "November Rain". I appreciate it very much and glad you liked it. Best wishes, Paul Daren

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1 day ago

You are most welcome, Paul, I absolutely loved it! I'm sure you'll eep 'em comin!!

Pete Hansen
2 days ago to Diane RIDAEUS

Hi Mrs. Diane Radius. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my song Key 2 Trilogy, and thank you for the very generous rating. I listened to the first song on your list Sweet Heather. I could tell by the depth, simplicity and flow of your creation you have been composing and honing your skills for a long time. Very well done!!! I wish you all the best success as you move forward.

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2 days ago

Well thank you for those kind words and yes been doing this music thing for -- gosh -- too many years to
count now ha ha ... But I had a chance to listen to your gorgeous tune, I'm always amazed at how absolutely
unique each artist is and how much creative thought goes into each project. Key 2 Trilogy was lovely to listen to, wow, top top quality stuff! Wishin' you all the best too, here on BJ and elsewhere! Cheers! - Diane

SLT Recording Studio
over 30 days ago to Diane RIDAEUS

Beautiful and inspiring...

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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