Soul Bind is a rock band that hails from Raleigh NC and Manassas VA. Damon Paoli and Sam Look incorporate all elements across the spectrum of rock music. With influences from 70's progressive through 90's Alternative rock, Soul Bind's sound is unique yet familiar. Each song takes the listener on a journey and is intense, melodic and layered with emotion, reflection, intensity and passion.

Soul Bind is continuing to work on new music. Please enjoy the first singles and drop us an email at to let us know how we are doing!.

Sounds Like: Shinedown, Van Halen

Latest News

All I've Ever KNown is the latest single from Soul Bind.

I Died Too Young is is rated #5 on broadjams top ten rock alternative chart.

Skeletons and All My Heart reached #1 and 2 respectively on the Broadjam rock chart!

No One Left Behind peaked at #5 on the Hard Rock chart.

Stay tuned for more from this up and coming band!

Soul Bind

Soul Bind is an uncompromising hard rock band that hails from Raleigh NC and Manassas VA. Soul Bind creates honest and raw rock music with no frills and heavy on artistic integrity.

Soul Bind's influences stem from 70's progressive rock through 90's alternative rock with a mix of modern day production techniques.

Each song has different influences but they all bring a familiar sound with honest and emotional lyrics.

Please continue to listen to this bands high energy catalogue of rock music and contact us directly at

Thus far Soul Bind has been featured on several broadjam charts to include:

All My Heart has charted on the following top ten lists:

United States - #1
North America - #1
Virginia - #1
Broadjam Earth - #2
Production - Male Vocals - #9
Production - Mid Tempo - #9
Rock - Modern - #1
Rock - #1

Additionally, "Skeletons" also peeked at #1 on the modern rock chart and currently resides on the following broadjam charts:

Song: Skeletons
Virginia - #4
Rock - Modern - #3

No One Left Behind peaked at #5 on the broadjam metal Top 10 chart and currently resides at #7 on the hard rock chart.

Soul Bind released its latest single "I Disengage" on 6 June 2021."

Thank you for your support!


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Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Soul Bind

Hey Soul Bind, just heard,"I Disengage", pretty cool Heavy Metal Rocker, huge melody and the Lead Vocals are really well done 5 Stars & Likes!!
Suggestion, list your Lyrics and who is playing on your songs! Just for Shit's & Giggles..........
The Corey s........

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Soul Bind

Hey Soul Bind, just heard, "Silent Disorder" nice tune!! Sounds like something CS Nash & Young would compose, very mesmerizing!! Gave you 5 Stars & Likes! Would be honored to connect with you thru Broad Jam!
Stay Safe....
The Corey's.........

Ladee V
over 30 days ago to Soul Bind

Hello. Thanks you kindly for taking the time to listen and review my rock song "You Played Me". I appreciate your comments. This is one I wrote not long after I started writing (an oldie but goodie). I hope to create more great rock songs soon! Thanks again and have a great day. :)

1 Replies
Ante Novaselic
over 30 days ago

Thank you for your kind review. Much appreciated
Ante Novaselic

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